Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Winter Solstice, The New Year, 2012 and beyond

It is that time of year; the Winter Solstice, the coming of the New Year, a time that is often thought of as a period for re-evaluation and new beginnings.

Some people have their own rituals to make the best of the occasion. I know of some that burn the old dairy, or that write down those things that are just hindrances and need to be let go in order for the new to grow. Others make their New Years resolutions. In whatever way it is done, it doesn’t really matter, what is important is that we make the best of the opportunity to review what needs reviewing and that we move forward to a better self.
There is no point in going over and over the past and building up a sense of guilt, of despair, and of worthlessness. The past is what it has been. Often when we recall it we may not be very precise about it either, we may “see” it according to how we feel today. What can best be said of the past is that it has been. It had its time in our own personal history and it is gone. This is specially important if the past or past experiences and longings are just a hindrance to live the present and live it the best we can. No point in beating dead horses. Good if you know or have a simple ritual that allows purification and deliverance from the past and leads to a better present.

The present becomes richer when we think about the possibilities it has within it. The present has the tremendous power to become the future builder. It has the power to allow us to choose the way we think about ourselves, others, the world, or the Universe itself. We need a clear present to be able to live in it joyfully and to build the vision of what we want the future to be. In such work there is no room for a nagging, heavy and useless past. There is a need for clearance and openness. Our lives change every day and it is for us to enjoy the shifts, to find their meaning and to make the most of them.

Learning and purpose
To make the most of the learning, we need to find our purpose or purposes. The mind, the emotions, -what we call the personality- have their own learning: On a physical level the learning often is linked to being more willing to do things, to break with inertia. Emotionally lesson usually deal with overcoming selfishness. Mentally we grow as we gain awareness and understanding.
The soul is mostly engaged with meaning. But the lessons are not to be found or they are mostly useless unless there is purpose to guide them. If we grow emotionally, mentally and on the soul level, our purpose would be linked to love, to others, to service and to meaning.
Service not necessarily as doing something for others, that is a slim definition of service. Service as a soul disposition to share, to give and to receive love and wisdom. Service and love as an attitude of openness and inclusiveness. More than what we do is the disposition from which we do it. And, if the disposition is the right one, then we may never know really how deep our service may go. It may very well stretch and reach beyond our understanding.

We also must acknowledge that when we are learning or being of service we are not alone. We belong and live within nature and connected to all end everything. Nothing is really alien to us. There is an over abundance of good energies that we may use as surfers to reach the shore we are aiming for. Appreciate the fact that if we are open to these bigger energies new discoveries, resources and meanings will come to us. The shaping of the present and the building of the future will indeed be better. No one can do it on its own, but remember you are not alone, there is always help to be found, so make the most of it, even if it comes wrapped up in a strange or unfamiliar wrapper.

So after whatever ritual that helps you clear the past, become open to the present and begin to build the future, search for the best purpose you can come across within yourself. Seek for ways of expressing that found light and make it practical. Share and serve as a soul attitude, and think that you are not alone but in great company and with all the energy needed to accomplish the goals that lead to our purpose.
Set your view beyond yourself for soul purpose is always a collective purpose and the collective begins and is present in concrete real people around you and goes beyond to realities we don't even have the capacity to imagine or understand.

Welcome to the preliminaries of 2012, welcome to the beginning of the new spring of life after the Winter Solstice, welcome to a very interesting time full of opportunities. The joy of the world begins with you. Make it ripple, make it count. 

Blessings be 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Communicating with quality?

We are all familiar with machines that call us or that receive our call. They are there to perform a service and they do so up to a point.
Often you have to listen to the whole menu of options they have before making the choice of button to press. At times it is a guess for your query might not be exactly portrait within the menu. On other occasions you have finish your business but the machine keeps on going with options that you need to listen to in order to finish the call successfully.

When people have been asked, the vast majority (98%) said they rather talk to a person. Most of us prefer human contact and rightly believe that our query or business would be better taken care of if we talk to a fellow man/woman.
It has not only to do with the warmth of the connection and the flexibility of the human caller versus the machine's options. You also feel and rightly so, that there is a responsibility when a person is at the other end of the line, an experience that can not be provided by a machine.

If people prefer the human voice and touch to that of the machine, why are so many business and government dependencies changing to the machine operated system? If “the customer is always right” slogan is to be true, then they should be doing exactly the opposite and getting people to answer their phones? Well, simply because the machine system is cheaper to run and that has an impact in the accounts and profits. It is profits that make up for the decision and not service, or the customer's feelings, or any thing else.

Yes, a call centre, having people doing the job could be more complicated to manage and more expensive to run, but is is well worth it from the customer's point of view. Certainly governments need to make changes to foster employment and there is room for improvement in many areas, this could be one of them. Businesses and government dependencies could also invest more in human operated systems that lead to a better quality service, more jobs, and a better social environment. But the aim is different; save, cut, make profits.

It is interesting to take this example as to learn what are the real goals that we as individuals or as business, governments, or as a society pursue and value. It is often quantity that rules out quality. It is often short term visions that rules out a warmer and higher quality social environment. The personal good (individual, business or government dependency) is set above the common collective good.
As a simple exercise, try to communicate with people in a more personal, human way and try to see how many times we deal with fellow men/women as if we were machines just dealing with a chore and nothing more.
Is it individual goals or collective goals that guide our actions? Is there warmth and quality in our communication or are they just kept within a pre-established menu of options that we have design as to avoid contact and responsibility. At least lets become aware of the choices we make.

Right human relationships start with the individual, and we often only have control or can make a change in a personal level and trust that the ripple effect will make the rest. It is our choice if we live with a finer sensitivity or if we want to operate in a mechanical machine like way. The out comes will differ, but it is our choice to make.

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

On Family Karma

As individuals we all belong to a family. Each family is an entity of its own. It is enriched through the generations with people coming into them by marriage, partnerships, births, and they change by deaths, and members moving on. Families evolve thorough generation. From a personal point of view, so does or roll in them. Family evolution is witness to the passage of time and to the motion of life as it unfolds through them.

If we look at some prominent families (for whatever reason that makes them prominent), we see that often the law of karma is working upon them. Families that have some sort of “curse”, others appear as having a mission, such as royal families, aristocratic families, or families that excel in business, show-business, and so on. Some times there is a trend in them, a long tradition where some families produce a long strand of doctors, or explores, or members in the arm forces, lawyers, artists, joiners, farmers, etc. etc. A special gift that is carried on and developed by members throughout generations. It is a legacy that often claims sacrifice and a special kind of behaviour or outlook of life.

So, some kind of energy or force may very well propel a family and its members thorough generations. This could well be a karmic energy working through the family history and shaping its members accordingly.
Besides the personal, individual karma, we may also inherit (genetically, culturally, or some other way), the family karma. Dealing with that inherit karma is one of the many things we need to become aware of and then make the most of it as part of our life. That may mean that we follow that karma as a personal choice, as our path. Other times it is a call for deliverance and change that may affect the whole family or an individual. This could account to some breaking or distancing from one family member from the rest. The individual has found that the personal karma, his call, his path, takes him away from family tradition and/or family expectations. At the end, one has to follow its own path and go through life learning the personal lessons and the personal evolution or growth that is at the core of his personality and soul.
This option may be understood and even supported by the rest of the family or some of its members while at times it is seen as a treason, rebelion or simply as if the individual has “gone mad”. What we must realise is an obvious reality; people like families evolve and change due to many factors (even generational relay), and so the relationship between the entity call family and its members is ever changing and evolving. It has to be, (if the family is alive, for there are dead families...)

Many psychological schools have dealt with these issues. Bert Hellinger's Family Constellations is a very enlightening one and explains how unsolved business (conflicts or other situations) may very well be passed on from one family member to another until the unfinished business is dealt with. It is an inheritance on the personality level that needs soul light to be understood and dispelled.

Families are the stronghold of society, the building blocks of the community up to the state, country and culture. Yet, they are formed by individuals and they are for the individual good. Nevertheless, the personal good is not necessarily detached from responsibility, reciprocating and care for the rest of the collective, weather that collective is the same family or its extension to the community, society, country and the rest of the human race.

Personal choices should be respected, even when not understood. But it would help us all if understanding and meaning is found in those choices. The need for communication, for love and care is essential. Keeping the door open at all times is building a bridge towards personal and family healing. It is the best way to deal with the family karma in its evolution and with the individual right to follow a personal path. Family either foster wings or cages, (as individuals do in human relationships).

It does not mean that we must accept and agree with every families member decisions or outlooks in life, it means that we need to be open to understand them. It is the first sign of respect and maturity. Non the less, at times it may seem that we are condemn to walk our path in isolation.

Dealing with family karma is a good opportunity to learn about right human relationships, good will and love. In the last analysis, the problems of humanity are also about right relationships, good will, love, understanding and respect. As the esoteric law says; As above so below.

Our path is linked to becoming aware, dealing and evolving the family karma in the right direction. As it is linked on a broader scope with the rest of humanity.

So, review the gifts, the inheritance, the force or energies that are give to any one of us through our family. Make the best of them to benefit our personal life, and see what karma needs to be burned and left behind. This is liberating both for the individual and for the rest of the family, (and humanity). Finish the unfinished business and carry on shining your light and love as you trot down the path of development. It could be a good starting point this December as many families tend to gather. A good start for the very powerful and interesting incoming 2012.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Late November Skies

While I am not an Astrologist, it is obvious that the late November skies are full of activity and energy.

Not only has the new moon began, an eclipse has also just happened. The new moon energies and the eclipse energies will have a long lasting influence and it is a good time to make the most of them.
Mercury has began its retrograde cycle and that opens a huge door for change.

Mercury retrograde will allow or bring flashbacks around decisions and turning points of the past. We will not live the past again, but we have a chance to look back at what happened then and redirect the experience for the better! It is a time to overcome what ever needs to be relived, understood and left behind while we gain new light and freedom.

The eclipse with its long lasting effects opens the doors for spiritual insight and light.

These two powerful influences allow us to come to term with ourselves, to solve the pending issues of the past that still hindrance us and makes us dependant of our past emotions and thinking or behaviour patterns. Most of the patterns will have roots in our mind (psychology) or in our emotions (psychology again). The time is adequate to ponder on the past issues that need reviewing and brake their negative influences in all aspects of our life.

The time is right to built new understanding and new behavioural patterns that will not only makes us better and gives us a new sense of freedom and purpose. When we work on these issues we not only help ourselves, we also help others and thus the healing is geometrical instead of just arithmetical.

The centre of attention should be purpose and a building up of our relationships. Relationship with ourselves, with others around us and with nature in the broadest sense of the word. (We are nature).

Changes and shifts are already happening. The future is already present today. It is our awareness that needs to catch up with things for we are already building what we want to become.

If you are interested in deepening these ideas follow the links to the Aquarius Papers or to Astrotabletalk were an abundance of information may be found.

On another issue, I would also recommend visiting Rocky Mountain Astrologer and read the Mollie Fancher history. The reading is good food for thought and it may be of help to consider different ways in which life can be lived and that there is much more than what we can ever experience or be aware of.

Life is larger than life, and the November skies are pouring their energy for a clearance and dress rehearsal for the coming 2012. Make the most of the opportunity and follow your insights and intuitions. Above all, be generous and patient. After all, the sky is not the limit.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Confusion and Opportunities

Felling confused? Welcome to the world of awareness! It is not wonder so many people find themselves in a state of confusion and a general sense of not being able to put things in a clear perspective.
The astrological influences and energies are showing precisely this. If we add the changing and erratic world situation it is not difficult to see how many energies or forces are acting at the same time in so many different directions making confusion a common state of feeling.

Confusion is not negative "Per Se" It is just and indication of a shift in multiple directions or addressing multiple issues. Probably it has to do with the shifting from old ways of thinking, of past behaviour patterns and ways of “seeing” and doing things. It is the birth of the new amongst the death of the old in us. So confusion is not something that should be fought or resisted but rather we should try to ride with it. It won't be here for ever. There is light at the end of the passage.

In situations like the present one it is important to be more aware of the emotions we may be experiencing and know them for what they are. We need to keep the mind focus and concentrate in what is really important and discard the rest. Things will change, but it they will not just fix themselves on their own. We have a powerful will and it is there for a purpose. We are responsible of what we make of ourselves and so we should endeavour to do our best to acknowledge the aspects where change is needed and work on the changes. Behaviour patterns, hindrances from the past, fears and doubts should be cleared out to concentrate in our goals and in our relationships with others and with the world we live in. Things are set in motion by our choices and there is no way around it, we have to make choices (not doing anything about it is a choice too, is it the best choice?).
It is important to strengthen our internal links. Those links that allow us to be aligned internally. It is also important to work on the links with others. Life is not lived alone and it has no purpose on a self centred personal basis. Life is made out of our relationship with others, with nature, with the truth, light, and love within us all.

Responsibility and will are the key elements to take into consideration. Confidence in our abilities to make the right choices and build deep connections are essential. The confusion and uncertainty period will pass, but the consequences of our choices and actions (or omissions) will shape the future. Time to see what patterns, behaviour and fears need to be dealt with and overcome. Openness to a new better reality is on the making. Let's dare and make the change, the right decisions and live in freedom from past hindrances and patterns. It is in our hands, if we only look into our hearts and minds. Deep down we will find there is nothing to be confused or fearful about.

Make the most of the opportunity!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

How Do We Judge Good Behaviour?

 Lets not measure the good we do by the things we do not do: restrain, avoidance, denial, discriminating, refusal, exclusion,.... (The severe ascetic ways).

Lets measure the good we do by the things we are willing to do and do:
Acceptance, awareness, care, support, understanding, guidance, inclusion, (The ways of deeper understanding and freedom).

Often moral codes, whether written or followed by habit and tradition have a tendency to guide thought and action by pointing out what should not be done.
They may often appear as a code of “do nots” with strict warnings of the consequences to those that disobey. We even follow this pattern when educating children, in school codes of behaviour and even work codes.
It is not unusual to hear people say that they do not approve of someones behaviour, that they do not mix with the “wrong kind of people”. They tend to like uniformity. A uniformity dictated by their own ways and sure enough they are just a step away of imposing their ways on others as a means of reassuring that uniformity. There is only one way to do things right (needless to say they it is their way).

By taking the negative code of behaviour things become forbidden and dangerous. Things that need to be avoided, at all costs. They can be a particular food, specific actions, and even a denial or feelings or thoughts!
Of course, those that follow the same rules are a group, a selected group, and the others,.... well at best they are ignored and considered lesser beings. At worst they could even be burned at the stake! (real or symbolically). Guilt and shame are by products of this lesser develop moral outlook.

Moral codes are a guide but they are not a substitute for personal consciousness. No real moral code should be distant to human nature. Quite the contrary, it should acknowledge and understand human nature before it attempts to become any sort of guide. Therefore consciousness is better develop as a true guide when it is honest and sincere. When it takes into account what we are and what we could be. It should not make anyone a foreigner, an excluded being. Respect is the key world here and from it openness and acceptance. Not of any act, but of the human being acting. It is often forgotten that it is actions that may be judged but not the human being. Care with language should be considered. He is a bad man, she is not a good person, etc. etc. It is better to say (and think) he did something wrong, she made a mistake. It would also be of help if we made an effort to place ourselves in the situation of that acting human being as to understand its motivations, limits and options.
Not that moral relativity is due, but a flexibility in judgement and in accepting that there are many ways to do things right!

If behaviour is better understood, then adequate guidance and responsibility may be found. There are indeed wrong actions. Our best choice is to see them clearly and then find a way to better guide and overcome the situation or decisions made as to change, improve and evolve. A helpful hint would be to measure others as we would like to be measured if we had done the same thing, and then, be conscious that people have a right to their decisions and have responsibility about them. There often is little we can do to change people. First and foremost they need to feel the need to change and maybe all we can do is help them find the right direction for them. Again, respect is the key word. Realising our limits and right to help or give guidance to others is a wise starting point.

It is better to embrace life, take risks, and learn from our own experience. It is better to acknowledge that there are many ways to do things right, that everyone has a right to experiment and guide their life according to their goals and deeper purpose, and that that is not a threat to us.
Right and wrong may be clearly seen if we learn to embrace life with responsibility and respect, with a sense of purpose and discovering that we are all linked and dependent on one another. That the individual is sacred, but it has no purpose or sense unless it discovers that his life has a collective purpose and a responsibility towards others.
The discovery and developing of this consciousness is what education, moral education and moral judgement should be about.

Want to be practical?
Then, be kind. Be active in thinking, doing and willing good. Make it inclusive and loving. It is compassion properly understood: to live with others, to experience with others the same feelings, emotions, and thoughts. A very inclusive way that has nothing to do with pity.

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Not every kind of human attachment and love are the same.
While we all know that attachment of the selfish kind is an inadvisable form of attachment, the attachment to our loved ones, to ideals, etc. is a part of life. Without such attachment life can turn cold, indifferent and inhuman.
Indifference will lead to coldness, to remain unattached and distant. How can empathy and relations develop then?
Devotion or attachment to a spouse or partner, to a son or daughter, etc. is human. An attachment that is born of love and promotes love and growth is a positive high quality.

So there is a distinction between possessive attachment and attachment that gives way and fosters inner bonds between beings who love one another, are connected and concern for one another. They think and feel for one another in unison. Duality and unity, synthesis only achieved by sharing , communication and giving. The middle path, the razor's edge.
(Note: Even possessive love may lead sometimes into a free giving love, therefore we should not discard possessive love as utterly negative.)

Often people try to give love and send good intentions that are aimed at the “universal”. They try to encompass in their love and good intentions all beings and aim to be all embracing. This is good and fine, yet, our love can only find expression in personal relationships. The “universal” is often a concept that involves all and nothing at all. There is no real commitment or involvement. Nothing can grow and reach the universal if it is not started and lived in the personal level of relationships.

Mahayana Buddhism knew it well: It is better to accept risks, suffering and vulnerability than to live a loveless life. Loveless not only in the sense of not being loved by someone else, but by being incapable of expensing or even worst, of loving another human being. If we can not give, we are not really living, at least not fully.
Attachment or detachment can not be used as an attitude to avoid the implications that love has on a personal level. First and foremost with those around us, and then a growing love and concern for the universal. For what can not be done in singular personal relationships can not be achieve on a universal scale. At the end, there is nothing to fear, but the incapacity to relate to ourself and others.

A good exposition of these ideas is made by Anangarika Govinda in his book “ Buddhist Reflections (published by Samuel Weiser)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Things are as they are

Things are as they are. But, why are they as they are? (and do we really perceived them as they truly are?). Wow. To much to tackle "in a oner."

We do perceived things and tend to believe that as we perceived them, so they must be. We may be wrong in our perception, but we still carry on acting upon it as if correct. That could explain some of the misjudgements we make and the error we fall upon. There is a good reason for doubt, double checking, being critical and to share and communicate as to bench mark what we perceived to be true. (Needless to say the sharing and communicating should be done with a selective criteria).

Another way of knowing is something is as it appears is to analyse if it is only a personal, particular, subjective perception or if it is perceived by a larger collective and thus it is a more objective perception.

Knowing how things are is important for many reason, one of them is to decide if action is needed and if so what kind of action is best. See, Human beings are not meant to be victim of some “God's will”, or a victim of things that it made and brought up on itself. Human beings are not victims, we have the power (intelligence and love and will) to build our own destiny and to know and share what we really are, or best or Higher self.
So, we also need to know and be aware of ourselves, what we are, how we perceive ourselves and how other do. (Not all others, mind you, that is only important to the Celebrities. It is those other than are not alien but walking companions in our life path).

Things are as they are. According to the collective, general view, things are not looking very good or promising. The financial crisis has become more than that and has and is affecting much more than the money flow. This is true weather you are a country like Greece, or an individual in any continent. The situation has caused problems in social, political and personal levels bringing with it all sorts of problems and difficulties. This is an objective perception common to many different collectives. This is the way things are.

Modern democracy took many countries a lot of effort to achieve, and many times in dosages: landowners, then men and finally women. Countries today are still trying to achieve some sort of democratic representation. Yet, the most advance democratic societies have had little power to do much to deal with the present financial and general crises. It seems that the changes need to come in the political arena to bring them up to the times and needs of the times. Politically we are very far from what is needed in today's global, unequal, exploited, and at times violent world. Yet, I believe that it is not the political side of things that need the biggest change. It is the financial system with its unfairness, impunity, and own rules that forget the collective in favour of the personal greed, that needs the deepest transformation.
We need to change our views of wealth and money. It is not to be accumulated, safe kept and away from needed areas just because they are not profitable according to the standards and views of modern investment. The very measure and concepts of what is “profitable” much change. The economical and financial theory (believes!) should be questioned and modified. They should move from the personal greed and self interest to a more collective and inclusive theory (believe) to make the world a more equal, fair and peaceful place.

Change is happening. Most of what we see are pieces of the puzzle of change. The old image that served as a guide is breaking down and this causes confusion and distress. Meanwhile a new image is arising.
We, as intelligent, creative humans beings should become more aware and responsible that it is our thinking, our perception, and our visions are the tools that are needed to guide action and change.

Already, different actions are taking place in the world. That Wall Street is being occupied by peaceful demonstrators is a great symbol of what is going on, of how things are, and how they are changing. A group or collective of demonstrators from all walks of life, have gather together with a common idea and goal. They have perceived a different world, a different system, the changes needed. I support them with my thoughts, sympathy and will. I am with them in their protest and effort to make a change.

Change, evolution is a constant in the Universe in humanities history. We have the ability and the responsibility to improve our perception of things, to use our minds and guide the change that is happening. We are meant to be the creators of our own destiny and that of the rest of the world. Things are as they are. But, that doesn’t mean they should stay that way!

P.S. Without the others, we have no individual destiny.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Times are Changing

As it is often the case, times are changing. We know they change all the time, but often we are not aware of the changes. Now, we are much more aware. The signals seem to be everywhere and they have different meaning according to how we perceive them.

Astrologically Neptune is changing from Aquarius to Pisces, something that happens every 14 years (there is something about the number 7 in cycles. With this change, our dreams and mythologies are influenced and transformed. Whether they are social, economical, religious, or any other kind. Our world seems to be on the brink of a new order. The old seems not to be working, not being capable of holding “things together” and we perceive the limits of political ideology, economical performance, social unrest, a need for something new to come and give new order to our world. (To learn more visit
To some the change is geopolitical and it is powers like China, India, Brazil, or similar emerging countries who will be leading the way in a new world. To others change will be determine by the use of energy, for oil is getting scarcer and scarcer. The environment and the ecological Hiroshima we witness is also a key factor propelling the need for change.

But if change is only a slight reform of our present systems, does change really happen or are we facing “more of the same”? A simple variation of the old that should be gone.
More than seeking change and locating it in growing economies, (China, India,...) or in a reform of the financial and work systems, or even in a new ecological relationship with our planet, change should be looked about in a shift in humanity consciousness.

As a dreamer I believe change is brought about when things (whatever “things” may mean), are different, they move (usually forward even if it is two steps forward and one backward or to a side). Change is not that random, it may appear as such only because our point of view is not comprehensive enough. In order for change to be real it has to bring about evolution and evolution has a goal that “guides” change.
Only a growth of human consciousness and awareness will allow us to “see” and participate in the evolution of our world. The new balance of power should not be sought at a particular geographical region, or based upon a specific economical system, or a new ecology. Rather it will come from those that are conscious and aware of change, its meaning, and goals. Regardless of geography, age, gender, or any other label. The change to group consciousness, to inclusion instead of exclusion, to cooperation instead of confrontation or competition. Things will improve when we understand that we are one and all. There is where true change and evolution will come from. It has happen all along human history, but we are just getting better at it! That is the mark of true progress.
So, lets be optimistic, lets share a positive view (not naïve), and try to see a bigger picture. Let's get rid of what is holding us back. Soul searching and contact with our deeper selves is a key factor for action. We need to do our best to be part of the meaningful change that is coming, for it is needed. Has been so since the beginning of humanity.

P.S. “Other times could be better than ours, but these are out times”
F. Nietzsche.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Being Emotionally Present

A lot can be said about emotions. To some emotions are something to be aware of for they may be dangerous and confusing. They seem to be synonymous to irrationality and irrationality is regarded as dangerous too. While there may be some merit to this it often is a narrow point of view. To begin with emotions could be view as “facts”. Reason is not necessarily a guarantee of truth, right or good. Reason is a faculty that may be employed in many ways. Wrong doing can be logically plan with the help of reason. By the same token irrational behaviour may be good and welcome. Think about your best memories or cherished moments in life. Are they mostly reason and logically based or are they more on the emotional maybe irrational side of things? Irrational like the feeling we may experience for a loved one, or when enjoying a sunset, or a good glass of wine. Some things in life are beyond logic and reason and that is fine and they do not need a logical reasonable explanation.
So, reason, logic, irrationality and emotions are not by themselves good or bad. They are powerful ways of knowledge, different kinds of knowledge that yield their particular and specific share of reality. That is why is can be so difficult to give a rational logical explanation of what we feel, or of what we believe. This is important to consider if we want to improve our relationships with ourselves, with others, with nature, etc.
All this brings us nicely to the need to become emotionally present.

Yes, it is a need if we want to improve our relationships with others. We can not truly become emotionally present without the aid of reason. Here, both faculties have to work together; reason and emotions. There is a need to ponder and understand what or how we feel. Sometimes emotions are not straight forward and thus to reach some understanding of them reason has to play its part. We need to deal with emotions as facts. To realise where they come form and what is the meaning propelling them. This is very helpful if we want to manage and channel them for the best. There is nothing to be ashamed
of, or any other adjective we may come about to qualify our emotions. It is the way we behave that should matter.
Emotions may come from different sources: physical, psychological, the astral plane, the environment, memories, fears, and of course a combination of many other factors. That is why the may be so complicated at times. Only pondering, awareness and acceptance will help us to untangle the emotions and so gain understanding and the capacity to manage and channel them. When emotions, mind and soul work as a unit we achieve alignment and can solve the conflicts and overcome. It is a learning process. Many times, sharing what we feel may be of help to understand what is going on. Language works with concepts and that implies the need for reason to come into play and help clear up the panorama. Also, we have the benefit of listening to what the person we are sharing with has to say and that may be enlightening too. That is why we must be very selective and careful when choosing some to talk to.
There is also the problem of vulnerability. When we face our emotions in a truly and honest way we may not like what we may come across. Sharing it is also an exercise in openness and this turns us vulnerable, or at least we may feel it so, even if it isn't. But, let's face it, all meaningful relationships make us vulnerable. It is a risk we must take if we want to grow and evolve as individuals and in our relationships. Human being are relationship beings. Our present state is often the result of the quality of our relationship and when improving them we improve ourselves (and vice versa) as does the quality of our life. There is no true way of living that is vulnerable and risk free. The best way to balance the risk is truthfulness and honesty.
A very important consequence is that when we share and become emotionally present, others understand us better and we have made a stand. This clarity is essential to have mature relationships and it is often liberating! At the same time it brings understanding and release. A new stage is achieved or reached making growth and the possibility to evolve a much easier happening. It clears the way for energies to flow.
This is not a call to become emotional Kamikazes! As said we have to be selective. We have to learn to view emotions as facts and to ponder on them and be honest about them. Sharing them with the right person, being selective goes without saying.
When we do this our chances of emotional management and energy flow improve. We grow, we become freer, and our relationships improve. There is hardly a better form of service that we may perform for ourselves and for others. And this makes the world a better place to live.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Non Poem

I feel unknown by me, by you,
by others that are as much as part of me as myself.

Today I can't take the sun on my skin,
I don't need the rain to damp my body
Or the wind to touch and flow around me
I remain a drift in my emotional ocean.

Unsure, insecure, unknown to myself and to others
Need to find:
A light to point the way, a star to signal the direction
A track or a path to trot and walk and make my own.
Need to find myself

I can't write, think, say or understand what or how I feel
Unknown; emotions, thoughts and to my soul.
Not moving or progressing
Rather spilling and shedding in every dimension.

Unknown. I ponder, drift and wait
Life slips away
Unknown. My body waiting, my emotions stirred,
my thoughts complicated, my soul not awaken

Star dust?
Light within?
Adrift, unknown to my own body and soul.
A need to release, to let go...

I can't write, think, say or understand what or how I feel
Unknown emotions, thoughts, to my soul.
Rocking to the rhythm of life?
Only when I can pick up the beat of the tide.

Today I can't take the sun on my skin,
I don't need the rain to damp my body
Or the wind to touch and flow around me
I remain a drift in my emotional ocean.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

One Magic Dragon: The Dragon Keeper is in a Journey

One Magic Dragon: The Dragon Keeper is in a Journey: "The Dragon Keeper has been on a journey. A multiple journey. He got a telephone call. Mother was dying. He took the first fly over. (Actuall..."

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Dragon Keeper is in a Journey

The Dragon Keeper has been on a journey. A multiple journey.
He got a telephone call. Mother was dying. He took the first fly over. (Actually a connection of flights that were a challenge on their own, mostly because of American safety measures and requirements, a night mare!).
The Dragon Keeper arrived in time to see and talk to mother, she died two days later.
Now, Dragon Keeper is on the aftermath of the journey. Memories, emotions, thoughts, are now his companion as he settles on the strong experience. 

Chinese have a saying: “No one is alone until they lose their mother”
While the Dragon Keeper understands what the saying means, and knows it may be true to a point, he also knows it is not the whole truth.
You see, the Dragon Keeper knows and feels mother's presence in the genes that make up his body, in thought patterns embedded as education or example, in emotions that are branded in the heart. 
 Also, the Dragon Keeper knows what illusions are and knows that we are never alone, that we really never part one another. Life is to rich, life is to great as to have just the spacial time dimension. Presence of the soul is there, connections are there, union is there. It is a different kind of relationship but still a relationship and a strong one at that. 

The Dragon Keeper also knows that the best way to honour those that we loved and that have been and are meaningful to our journey through our life in earth is to enjoy life and move forward. The last thing a dead friend, family, … wants to be is a ballast and a drag. They want for us to enjoy life to get over the sham of lost. Grief is a natural process and should be dealt with, but it does not happen at soul level. The soul knows better and is free to live, if we allow it. Grief is more a mental and emotional process and as such it should be recognised and dealt with. It is only useful if it becomes a path to gain freedom and be able to embrace life with a warmer stronger hold. 
 Loving, hoping, dreaming, enjoying, gratefulness, those are the signs of a grief process that honours both the ones that have left us their life as a lesson and for the making of our own journey. 

The Dragon Keeper is grateful for the love and tender care mother provided. Grateful to family and friends for their support and companionship. He was and is not alone in this experience. The Dragon Keeper will endeavour to live life more joyfully, with more hope, and a freer attitude, not because of what mother meant, but because all lives deserved to be lived that way. It is the best way to honour what we are:

PS. Thanks to all that have walked this journey with the Dragon Keeper. Feeling and being very close to family and friends.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I've been to hell.
Not the biggest news you will come across today. If you think about it, I am sure you have made the journey to hell (and back) many times too. You know what I'm talking about.

Yes, I have been to hell, but what is relevant about it is that I came back from it (or I am doing so). Hell has no burning flames and hot fire. Who ever imagined it like that is wrong, hasn’t been there. Hell is a dark, cold place. There you are mostly surrounded by loneliness. Reality as we usually know it disappears and instead we find a deep dark grey fog that presses down and suffocates us. We are left to our own devises. Sooner or later we learn that fighting the sense of loneliness and revelling against the dark grey fog is futile. A tiresome effort that leads nowhere. During the experience I have always been able to find a very deep and hidden “light” that lets me know I will overcome this journey. A sense of “everything will be all right” manages to shyly shine regardless of the suffocation and dark fog. It may not be present all the time, but then and again, its glows, like a distant candle light bringing the ability to accept and endure. It is thorough acceptance and observation that things begin to change in our hell journey. It may take time, but things do start to evolve.

Hell's fire is not of burning flames, if so, we would quickly reach liberation by becoming smoke. No, the fire in hell is a destructing energy. It acts slowly and often fills us with fear. The fire doesn't stop until it leaves us totally naked and exposed. Vulnerable. Reduced to our minimum.
It is from that point that reconstruction may begin. The fire
has taken away what was in our way and places us in a state that allows us to recognise what we truly are and thus, sets us free to restart a new self to begin a new journey. It is then when we start to return from hell.
So viewed, hell is not a punishment. Questions like: What is this happening to me?, are meaningless. Hell is about purification and renewal. It only hurts and freights because we fear the loss of what we thought we were, or had. We are placed in a situation from which we can learn what we really are and find new paths and destinies. When hell is overcome we gain a new vision, a new beginning, a new future.

The journey to hell is an individual journey, nobody can do it for us, for nobody can live our life. Yet, we don't travel and go through it alone. There are friends, relatives and maybe other entities that are witness and at times journey mates. We may be to busy and immerse in our journey as to notice them, but they are there, doing their share. Has to be so, for even if our life is our own, we don't live merely for ourselves. Life has a deeper meaning, it goes beyond ourselves. Life, to be purposeful has to be a shared endeavour. My life is mine and for others. No contradiction in that statement.
The journey to hell is a lesson, an opportunity for renewal and the building of a better today and tomorrow. That is good news, probably the best news we may come across in a long time.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Being Economical with the Truth

We may all be economical with the truth sometimes and that is understandable. Because there is people that we like to keep at a distance of 15 meters, other at 5 meters, and some other at a meter or even closer. There are people that we are comfortable to be around and up close and others that we rather keep at a distance. The way we deal with each kind of person is different according to where they are placed in my example of the meter distance.
So, I understand that we may be economical with the truth with people that we don't trust or know. Nobody will treat a drunken stranger in a pub the same way we treat a close friend when we are talking one on one in peace and tranquillity. Therefore, the way we handle the truth with the stranger in a pub or with a close friend is different. I am not dealing here with people that are strangers or that are beyond the 1 meter comfort zone. I am talking about the relationship we have with people we are close with.
I don't believe in truth economy among close friends or more so among partners/lovers. There is no such thing as a “white lie” that is admissible. No matter how or what we want to call it, it is still a lie. Why would we want to lie to a close friend or partner? What do we fear or what are we trying to avoid? The most common answer is that we are doing so in order to “protect them”. Really? How patronising. Protect them from what? The truth? Now, do we believe that the truth will set us free or not? Because if we do, why do we protect or love ones; friend or partner from it?
It sound to me as an excuse and what we are really protecting is ourself. We are the ones that are not willing to deal with the truth and its consequences therefore we give it a glossy coat that we can live with and say that we are protecting our friend or lover. Bullocks! If we can not be truthful with the people we say we trust and love something is wrong here. More than likely, the wrong is in ourself, regardless of the excuses we may put across to avoid the responsibility of being truthful.

Of course the truth should be handle with the same care we have for friends and loved ones. Being truthful does not mean a licence to be blunt, rude, or brutal. Quite the contrary, the truth must be spoken with kind words and understanding. With empathy.
Suppose your partner asks you if they are a good lover, and you lie, you even fake things in intimacy. Then you come and say that you do so to protect them, not to hurt their self esteem. There is something wrong here and it should be obvious. Any one may have a bad day, anyone may not be the best lover or the best cook, but the truth could be say in a caring loving way. It always can. The problem is that if our partner is a bad lover (or a bad cook) and we tell him/her so, we also have to stretch out our hand and heart and help them become a better one. It takes two to tango. There is commitment (scary word to many) and responsibility that flow from love. Telling the true involves us too. Bingo! That is what we are protecting ourselves from! It is when we want to avoid or dodge this involvement and still live with ourself that we come across with the excuse that we are “protecting” the other. How kind and honest is that. How good we are, how easy has live become. For us. Forging our friendship or love seems to be a small, convenient price to pay.
Now, isn't this building on shaky ground? How strong would the relationship feel to a friend or partner if they know that we tell little white lies to protect them? Or when we just can't be bothered? Most will feel as if standing on quick sand.

This worries me. We know that the truth is often a scarce resource. We all dream with a world where people would be true. It would be such a better place. We would like to know that others will not deceive us, will not lie to us, specially those very close to us. That more than protection if needed, we would appreciate help, commitment, support. That regardless of what the truth may be, our friends and partners will be there, standing by us, being true friends. That is what we want, and we get hurt if friends or partners don't act that way, we don't want to white merciful lies, we are with them because we believe they care enough to be truthful.
I firmly think that society will improve according to the quality of the relationships that are established among people. (and with nature). It is within the quality of relationships where many answers are. We have to work and build these quality relationships. But the panorama looks grim if we endeavour to do this and still maintain that pretending or telling little white lies when it is convenient (for us), is admissible. It isn't.
Buddhism talks about right speech, Jesus said that the truth will set us free. They both knew that the truth can demand from us action and involvement, precisely why we sometimes avoid saying the truth.
Like Michael Jackson sang: “If you wanna make the world
a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change.”
Enough said. Now I'm going to look in the mirror.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Inclusive Creations and Collaboration

Now that the eclipse is over and the New Moon is beginning to shyly glow above the horizon we are in the thresh hold of bright new ways and ideas.

The eclipse and the waning moon gave away energies that allowed for us to release the past, to do away with all the ballast that could condition the way we viewed ourself and the paths we thought open. Now, since the release of those past patterns of thought and behaviour we may become aware of the opportunities to create a better, freer self that has many new paths to take.
The eclipse and moon energies are still there and their influence will continue to be present for a long time. Awareness of this process is there, if we only take time to look inwards and listen to our deeper self.

With such energies, a new initiative has been born. The idea behind it is to help artists and creators of all walks of life to have a “space”, a site to display their art, and ideas. A showcase open to everyone. A place or site where creativity may find ways to grow and flourish. There is nothing exclusive about it, the idea is to make it as inclusive as possible. With such goals was recently born. A group of artists from the textile, painting, photography, poetry and literature launched the web page and welcome you to enjoy their work, share your thoughts, or become a member if you wish too.

The Dragon whispered some ideas to me and thus a short story has been my first collaboration with the site. I'm glad to be there, in cyberspace, surrounded by such talented artists and creators. A good place to be due to the positive energies and collective impulse behind the site that has come about at the right time.

So come and visit, share, and enjoy, for life is a lovely creative process!

Monday, 27 June 2011


Bolivia is about to pass a law through Congress recognising Mother Earth rights. The law also gives all living things the same rights as human beings have. The law's main goal is to find other ways for economic and social development while being environmental friendly while assuring the possibilities for life regeneration, pure air and water and avoid artificial genetic modification. It is a law similar to the changes made in Ecuador in 2008 where nature has the right to regenerate according to its vital cycles in the process of evolution.
How are these two countries going to deal with pressure from the international mining industry, the banking and financial sector (you know all those nice guys), and international investment will be interesting to see. Very likely both countries will be labelled as out dated socialist idealist or simply as a very risky country to invest (and exploit their natural resources). The first manoeuvre to choke their economies. The banks that had to be rescue by what can be describe as the average citizen, will try to make their way understood (or imposed) on those “third world countries” (euphemism that has substituted the tag of “underdeveloped countries”), even though they make great amount of money from precisely the fact that there are third world countries.
Both Bolivia and Ecuador have a large native indian population that has never been part or benefited from main stream economic thought and practices. Now, based on their traditional believes they are trying to give Mother Earth the opportunity other “advanced systems” have not.
Two different world views facing one another with their different ideas of what development and evolution should be.
At the core we have two different ideas of the humanity and its relationship with nature. One sees nature as sacred, and alive. It should change according to its natural laws and human beings should protect nature from the abuse it has gone through. The other sees natural resources as something to be used by humanity. The best of them care and acknowledge some responsibility too. On the extreme are those that believe that at the end, the market will balance it all out. For example; by buying carbon emission rights from countries that don't reach the CO2 emission quota.

Regardless of the many ecological, economical, social or political debates that may arise from these issues, it would be of benefit to consider what is our personal relationship with nature. Are resources there to be used, abused or protected at any cost?
Are we as human beings' something different, even alien to nature and Mother Earth? The question is not naïve. Recently a TV documentary showed how the majority of kids in kindergarten believed that milk came from the refrigerator. Well, that is totally natural and right, if we consider that a large number of city dwelling toddlers have never seen a cow, much less have experienced the milking process. Of course they know cows exist but that doesn't mean they know that they are milked. From their experience, milk comes from the fridge.
Following that line of thought: what is our relationship with nature?
The answer will depend on our experiences, knowledge and awareness. According to them, natural resources are to be used (even abused), or they could be sacred and have the same rights as human beings do. We know that in some countries due to their traditions, cows can be holier than girls.
So again, what is our personal relationship with nature? are we alien to it or part of it?
Maybe when we consider that there is no difference between nature and human beings, for we are also nature, and that fossil fuel, minerals, vegetables, forest, animals and people have a specific role to play will give us a more balance outlook. Responsibility goes hand in hand with awareness and a good conscious.
Time to be aware, responsible, to have a good conscious and to enjoy what we really are: nature.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Solstice and the Eclipse

The longest day of the year is here. It is not only the beginning of Summer, a season for joy, fun and some more sun light (always welcome). This is also a time for reviewing our the first half of the year. This Solstice is also the messenger of the eclipse that is just days away!

In many ancient traditions the Summer solstice was a turning point, after it the days began their slow motion to become shorter. Darkness will be a little more present every coming day from the Summer solstice on. A time of maturity and a symbol of death. Death not necessary as destruction and extinction, but of the old that is fading to give way to the new. (Just as the Winter solstice occurring in the shorter and darker day of the year is a time to celebrate the slow coming of longer days where light would promote life).

The skies are full of energy and the time is right to have fun and view our lives with humour. We need true healthy laughter that allows us to acknowledge that our shortcomings are of no importance they just give us our particular colouring and a gentle lesson to be learned.

Also this is a good time for renewal. A time to be selective. A time to leave behind what hinders and burdens us. Ghost form the past, fears, emotional and mental patterns that keep us stagnant may melt in the Summer sun with the energy provided by the eclipse!

New opportunities are there for everyone. Think of what you need to do, and what the Universe is offering you. Release what needs to be left behind and search for inner light to create and recognise what we really are and can do for ourselves and others. So, get your sun shades, smile, and look at the horizon to see what is coming ahead and what options are shining in the dim light of the eclipse in a Summer afternoon. At least, take the time to show your love to all those that you love. What you put into life will come back to you!


P.S. I'm going to put some sunscreen on the dragon. Big job ahead of me!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Healer Heal Thy Self

I have recently  read two books by Stephanie Sorrell: “Nature as Mirror” and “Depression as a Spiritual Journey”. Both are highly recommended and I am glad I have discovered such clear easy to read books on complex issues. Stephanie, in my opinion, is a great author because she has that rare ability to communicate the complex in a simple manner.
On reflecting upon her books I found myself agree with something she points out, (probably said or worded different to what I am saying, but the idea is the same).

Healer, Heal thy Self! This statement has always caught my mind. There was something in it that made me uncomfortable, but I never could pin point what it was. Now, I have a better understanding of what the statement was trying to tell me and that I did not understand before.

First of all, there is an acknowledgement that the healer, whom ever it could be (aren't we all healers in a sense too?), is not fully healed. The healer has an illness, a dis-ease. The statement tells him to take care of himself (or herself) first. That is sound advice. Nevertheless, the statement is said in a way that implies that the healer should take care of him/herself before trying to heal someone else. It is as if saying: healer mind your own business and leave me alone! There, that brings us to the core of the problem. Why should the healer heal himself first in order to be of help to somebody else? Come on, are we expecting perfection as a pre requisite? If so, it would be a long useless wait. As a matter of fact, I much rather deal with a healer that has the same or similar ailment as mine. The possibility of empathy is greater. We may meet in common ground, one we both have experience of. (Not saying that having the same experience is a must and all other possibilities are ruled out).

The problem is not really with the healers perfect state of health, but on how he/she lives and understands his/her ailment, the dis-ease. Do we feel the dis-ease is something that should be avoided at all cost? That it is a useless experience that we don't deserve? We just stand there shouting: Go away! Or asking: why me? If we expect the healer to move his/her magic wand and make the illness disappear we are in for a surprise. We don't need a healer then, but a miracle worker, and there are few of those.

I believe that a true healer is one that allows us to understand the reason for our dis-ease and accompanies, guides us, or helps us go through the experience and lesson(s) that the dis-ease is all about. The true healer may not do away with the dis-ease, but could very well help us find a sense of purpose to it. The healer may just walk or stand by us, non judgemental, trusting and thus being there with us and for us. No minor deed.

The healer could not be healed him/herself, but has the ability to see, to live, to understand and give purpose to his/hers dis-ease. Maybe the ailment won't go away, probably it isn't meant to. Probably there is nothing in his power to heal his/herself in the sense of getting rid of the dis-ease, of making it go away. Probably that is not in his power not needed to be. So, why would we expect for him to do unto us what he can not do upon his/herself?

In my understanding, a true healer is one that can help us see the light in the hours of darkness. One that can go down with us to the bottom of the pit and stay there with us. A companion on the journey, one that maybe can show us some of the milestones along the road that we would have missed if he/she wasn't there to point them.

It is not necessary to demand of the healer to first heal him/herself and be healthy and whole before we may profit from his experience for the enrichment of ours. I would just expect of a healer to be able to see and live thorough his wounds and ailments. To be a companion and a journey buddy, to the best of his/her abilities.

We all can and are healers in different ways and at different times. We should act as such and not wait for all our dis-eases to be done and away with before turning a helping hand full of understanding to those we may be of help. Maybe then, the healer will start to heal him/herself.

P.S. A friend recently pointed out to me: health has nothing to do with heart rate, fat percentage, or lung capacity, but with living according to our soul purpose.

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