Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Yet, another experience

After yet another experience of violence and attack and much pondering I have decided to end my days as a Child Care Worker. Much has been stirred. While the shock is in a waning process there is the need to understand and learn from the experience.

In a greater view of things:
- What has (or is) the meaning of all this events and particularly at this time of the full moon in May? (A special festival for many).
- The experience has not been a mistake or a waste of time and energy, but a lesson needed, even though a lot about it is still in “the dark”.
- Maybe I am still following and subdue by old mind and emotional patterns: The “should”, duty, test, proof, overcome.... They are not the guidelines of life and action. They are clever shams from the personality to keep things under its control. Imprints from the past that have to go for a truer, higher soul and self development.
- Being a seeker has been a trademark of mine. It is also a pattern from the past that must end.

By trying to seek and find and understand I am in motion, in action, but not settled. It is a way of making things happen, to bring about change, but, where is the purpose or direction?

The time has come to sit and listen. The time for Non Action. The time for treating the high path that will enable for things to be revealed. A time for calmness, observation, connection and detachment.

Many times the rational mind with its powers of analysis and thought production has been an obstacle for the soul light. It has anchored the highest to the lower, for the rational mind is still part of our lower self. Another clever way for the personality and past patterns to keep controlling and ruling.
Time to let go of this behaviour.
Time to sit and see the light come after the dark experience.
Let the new light shine and guide!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Emotions as a Prologue

Emotions are links between the body and the mind. In that sense, they are pre-mind.
The body may function properly. The mind may function properly. Each in their own tasks and planes. Yet, the emotions may get in between then and distort or impede the expression of the body or of the mind.
Emotions may come from the sentient body or from the thinking mind, but they are a world of their own.
There are emotions which are “main emotions”, other are “lesser emotions”. Among the main emotions we have:
-Self preservation
-Self image or visualisation (astral plane)
-Emotional self awareness
-Need to belong
and many others.
Emotions and their flow may need much pondering to be done upon them.

                                                        On Shift
                             An experience on Illusion and Reality

Illusion of danger, violence, being hurt,scared, disappointed, confused, questioned. A sense of loss of reality.
Under such circumstances comes the questioning of self, of capabilities, of job performance/desire, of purpose, seeking ways to handle these realities, experiences, feelings, thoughts.
No true answer may come from this plane, or situation.

Connecting with the soul
Becoming aware that we are a point of light within a stream of light, a point of love within a stream of love, that we may be a way for people to overcome. The real service to us is done when we service others first.
The experience of light and answers. The experience of the difference between the two planes. 

The answers as soul consecration, a common soul, a deep soul purpose.
Harmlessness, soul connection as the space to understand and act. If need be from as “As if” position. 

The discovery that violence, being hurt, scared, disappointed, confused, questioned, is all an Illusion. Only by connecting with the soul is the illusion understood and overcome.
Nevertheless, when dealing with men less aware and conscious the reality and truthfulness of the soul must be explained and dealt with from the illusionary reality or it will not be understood: the situation, the action to take... The opening of a way for deeper understanding and evolution.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

New Moon in Taurus and The Poor Neighbouring Soul

This new moon is an exciting one. As the Stars energies goes, this new moon offers great opportunities for connectedness and to let go of needless pressure. Why do we get hooked into needless pressure? On its own that is an issue to ponder on? Could it be a sign of insecurity, of self “centerness”, of lack of trust in the mayor scheme of things? What is certain is that needless pressure is useless and we all would be letting go of it, and as said, this new moon offers such an opportunity.
It is a time were the hard work done in the past will find a way out showing us some results and joy is at the reach of our hand.
At time for simplifying, finding balance and release!

The world is going through a high time of change in every aspect. We may complain about the economy, see the more or less violent changes taking place in many North African and Middle East Muslim countries. Wonder if mayor retaliation will come form Bin Laden's death. Be aware of the natural disasters due to earth quakes, floods, climate change, etc. etc.
But, at the same time, there are larger and more organized groups working for a change of consciousness regarding all this issues and more. That in itself is assuring and a good sign of the things to come. For, regardless of how bad things may be perceived, there is always an opportunity for choice and change.
Few may really have the power to make significant in a major scale. All of us have the capacity to make a change in ourselves, and that is a key element, for meaningful changes happen when a vast amount of individual change has taken place and is directed to a common goal. In many areas this is happening. People, individuals are working on changing themselves before attempting to “fix the world” and by doing so, they are fixing it.

For sure there will always be a group of people that are not capable of envisioning a different perspective. Those that can not imagine a personal evolution. Maybe because they are just to happy and content with what they are. Some go to the extreme of trying to impose on other their stagnant and bitter being. Think of a Neighbour that hates music and people having fun. He phones up to ask for the party to cease because: “my children have to go to school” , even though the music and party is within the legal noise level and hours for it. After asking for this favour, he carries on and says: “if not I am calling the police” (again).
So, in summary, you do as I see fit and do my a favour as if it was an order or I will try and enforce on you dire consequences even if they are unfair and out of order. Seems that when characters like this get to have power we come across a dictatorship.
What to do then? No point in trying to change a person that is not willing to acknowledge the perspective of others. Who's sense of collective begins and ends with himself. We may only deal with the situation as it affects our capacity to enjoy life and share collectively by not giving energy to the wrong and strengthening our capacity to send love and wisdom to the poor soul that is trapped under such selfish personality.
At the end, dictators fall when they are isolated from the rest of the world and the liberalization movement comes from inside. Just as happens to be with individuals. They end up isolated from the community by their own doing and are left to wonder: “why is the world so wrong and I am the only one so right?”. Probably only then will soul have a chance to be heard and the change may start. 

Luckily this new moon in Taurus offers us all the opportunity to enjoy, simplify and get rid of needless pressures, regardless if they come from our past, our fearful anticipation of a dire future, or from a bitter neighbour.
So, trust and give. Keep it simple, get in touch with yourself, think collectively, and prepare yourself for the surprises life can offer you, specially under the influence of the growing glow of this new moon that is starting to peek over the horizon. 

PS There is a Festival in the village this week end. The "Poor Soul" is moving out of the village for a few days. He can not join in the joy of others. Already, by his own doing, isolation is happening. Karma at work. How efficient.

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