Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Times are Changing

As it is often the case, times are changing. We know they change all the time, but often we are not aware of the changes. Now, we are much more aware. The signals seem to be everywhere and they have different meaning according to how we perceive them.

Astrologically Neptune is changing from Aquarius to Pisces, something that happens every 14 years (there is something about the number 7 in cycles. With this change, our dreams and mythologies are influenced and transformed. Whether they are social, economical, religious, or any other kind. Our world seems to be on the brink of a new order. The old seems not to be working, not being capable of holding “things together” and we perceive the limits of political ideology, economical performance, social unrest, a need for something new to come and give new order to our world. (To learn more visit
To some the change is geopolitical and it is powers like China, India, Brazil, or similar emerging countries who will be leading the way in a new world. To others change will be determine by the use of energy, for oil is getting scarcer and scarcer. The environment and the ecological Hiroshima we witness is also a key factor propelling the need for change.

But if change is only a slight reform of our present systems, does change really happen or are we facing “more of the same”? A simple variation of the old that should be gone.
More than seeking change and locating it in growing economies, (China, India,...) or in a reform of the financial and work systems, or even in a new ecological relationship with our planet, change should be looked about in a shift in humanity consciousness.

As a dreamer I believe change is brought about when things (whatever “things” may mean), are different, they move (usually forward even if it is two steps forward and one backward or to a side). Change is not that random, it may appear as such only because our point of view is not comprehensive enough. In order for change to be real it has to bring about evolution and evolution has a goal that “guides” change.
Only a growth of human consciousness and awareness will allow us to “see” and participate in the evolution of our world. The new balance of power should not be sought at a particular geographical region, or based upon a specific economical system, or a new ecology. Rather it will come from those that are conscious and aware of change, its meaning, and goals. Regardless of geography, age, gender, or any other label. The change to group consciousness, to inclusion instead of exclusion, to cooperation instead of confrontation or competition. Things will improve when we understand that we are one and all. There is where true change and evolution will come from. It has happen all along human history, but we are just getting better at it! That is the mark of true progress.
So, lets be optimistic, lets share a positive view (not naïve), and try to see a bigger picture. Let's get rid of what is holding us back. Soul searching and contact with our deeper selves is a key factor for action. We need to do our best to be part of the meaningful change that is coming, for it is needed. Has been so since the beginning of humanity.

P.S. “Other times could be better than ours, but these are out times”
F. Nietzsche.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Being Emotionally Present

A lot can be said about emotions. To some emotions are something to be aware of for they may be dangerous and confusing. They seem to be synonymous to irrationality and irrationality is regarded as dangerous too. While there may be some merit to this it often is a narrow point of view. To begin with emotions could be view as “facts”. Reason is not necessarily a guarantee of truth, right or good. Reason is a faculty that may be employed in many ways. Wrong doing can be logically plan with the help of reason. By the same token irrational behaviour may be good and welcome. Think about your best memories or cherished moments in life. Are they mostly reason and logically based or are they more on the emotional maybe irrational side of things? Irrational like the feeling we may experience for a loved one, or when enjoying a sunset, or a good glass of wine. Some things in life are beyond logic and reason and that is fine and they do not need a logical reasonable explanation.
So, reason, logic, irrationality and emotions are not by themselves good or bad. They are powerful ways of knowledge, different kinds of knowledge that yield their particular and specific share of reality. That is why is can be so difficult to give a rational logical explanation of what we feel, or of what we believe. This is important to consider if we want to improve our relationships with ourselves, with others, with nature, etc.
All this brings us nicely to the need to become emotionally present.

Yes, it is a need if we want to improve our relationships with others. We can not truly become emotionally present without the aid of reason. Here, both faculties have to work together; reason and emotions. There is a need to ponder and understand what or how we feel. Sometimes emotions are not straight forward and thus to reach some understanding of them reason has to play its part. We need to deal with emotions as facts. To realise where they come form and what is the meaning propelling them. This is very helpful if we want to manage and channel them for the best. There is nothing to be ashamed
of, or any other adjective we may come about to qualify our emotions. It is the way we behave that should matter.
Emotions may come from different sources: physical, psychological, the astral plane, the environment, memories, fears, and of course a combination of many other factors. That is why the may be so complicated at times. Only pondering, awareness and acceptance will help us to untangle the emotions and so gain understanding and the capacity to manage and channel them. When emotions, mind and soul work as a unit we achieve alignment and can solve the conflicts and overcome. It is a learning process. Many times, sharing what we feel may be of help to understand what is going on. Language works with concepts and that implies the need for reason to come into play and help clear up the panorama. Also, we have the benefit of listening to what the person we are sharing with has to say and that may be enlightening too. That is why we must be very selective and careful when choosing some to talk to.
There is also the problem of vulnerability. When we face our emotions in a truly and honest way we may not like what we may come across. Sharing it is also an exercise in openness and this turns us vulnerable, or at least we may feel it so, even if it isn't. But, let's face it, all meaningful relationships make us vulnerable. It is a risk we must take if we want to grow and evolve as individuals and in our relationships. Human being are relationship beings. Our present state is often the result of the quality of our relationship and when improving them we improve ourselves (and vice versa) as does the quality of our life. There is no true way of living that is vulnerable and risk free. The best way to balance the risk is truthfulness and honesty.
A very important consequence is that when we share and become emotionally present, others understand us better and we have made a stand. This clarity is essential to have mature relationships and it is often liberating! At the same time it brings understanding and release. A new stage is achieved or reached making growth and the possibility to evolve a much easier happening. It clears the way for energies to flow.
This is not a call to become emotional Kamikazes! As said we have to be selective. We have to learn to view emotions as facts and to ponder on them and be honest about them. Sharing them with the right person, being selective goes without saying.
When we do this our chances of emotional management and energy flow improve. We grow, we become freer, and our relationships improve. There is hardly a better form of service that we may perform for ourselves and for others. And this makes the world a better place to live.

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