Saturday, 15 October 2011


Not every kind of human attachment and love are the same.
While we all know that attachment of the selfish kind is an inadvisable form of attachment, the attachment to our loved ones, to ideals, etc. is a part of life. Without such attachment life can turn cold, indifferent and inhuman.
Indifference will lead to coldness, to remain unattached and distant. How can empathy and relations develop then?
Devotion or attachment to a spouse or partner, to a son or daughter, etc. is human. An attachment that is born of love and promotes love and growth is a positive high quality.

So there is a distinction between possessive attachment and attachment that gives way and fosters inner bonds between beings who love one another, are connected and concern for one another. They think and feel for one another in unison. Duality and unity, synthesis only achieved by sharing , communication and giving. The middle path, the razor's edge.
(Note: Even possessive love may lead sometimes into a free giving love, therefore we should not discard possessive love as utterly negative.)

Often people try to give love and send good intentions that are aimed at the “universal”. They try to encompass in their love and good intentions all beings and aim to be all embracing. This is good and fine, yet, our love can only find expression in personal relationships. The “universal” is often a concept that involves all and nothing at all. There is no real commitment or involvement. Nothing can grow and reach the universal if it is not started and lived in the personal level of relationships.

Mahayana Buddhism knew it well: It is better to accept risks, suffering and vulnerability than to live a loveless life. Loveless not only in the sense of not being loved by someone else, but by being incapable of expensing or even worst, of loving another human being. If we can not give, we are not really living, at least not fully.
Attachment or detachment can not be used as an attitude to avoid the implications that love has on a personal level. First and foremost with those around us, and then a growing love and concern for the universal. For what can not be done in singular personal relationships can not be achieve on a universal scale. At the end, there is nothing to fear, but the incapacity to relate to ourself and others.

A good exposition of these ideas is made by Anangarika Govinda in his book “ Buddhist Reflections (published by Samuel Weiser)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Things are as they are

Things are as they are. But, why are they as they are? (and do we really perceived them as they truly are?). Wow. To much to tackle "in a oner."

We do perceived things and tend to believe that as we perceived them, so they must be. We may be wrong in our perception, but we still carry on acting upon it as if correct. That could explain some of the misjudgements we make and the error we fall upon. There is a good reason for doubt, double checking, being critical and to share and communicate as to bench mark what we perceived to be true. (Needless to say the sharing and communicating should be done with a selective criteria).

Another way of knowing is something is as it appears is to analyse if it is only a personal, particular, subjective perception or if it is perceived by a larger collective and thus it is a more objective perception.

Knowing how things are is important for many reason, one of them is to decide if action is needed and if so what kind of action is best. See, Human beings are not meant to be victim of some “God's will”, or a victim of things that it made and brought up on itself. Human beings are not victims, we have the power (intelligence and love and will) to build our own destiny and to know and share what we really are, or best or Higher self.
So, we also need to know and be aware of ourselves, what we are, how we perceive ourselves and how other do. (Not all others, mind you, that is only important to the Celebrities. It is those other than are not alien but walking companions in our life path).

Things are as they are. According to the collective, general view, things are not looking very good or promising. The financial crisis has become more than that and has and is affecting much more than the money flow. This is true weather you are a country like Greece, or an individual in any continent. The situation has caused problems in social, political and personal levels bringing with it all sorts of problems and difficulties. This is an objective perception common to many different collectives. This is the way things are.

Modern democracy took many countries a lot of effort to achieve, and many times in dosages: landowners, then men and finally women. Countries today are still trying to achieve some sort of democratic representation. Yet, the most advance democratic societies have had little power to do much to deal with the present financial and general crises. It seems that the changes need to come in the political arena to bring them up to the times and needs of the times. Politically we are very far from what is needed in today's global, unequal, exploited, and at times violent world. Yet, I believe that it is not the political side of things that need the biggest change. It is the financial system with its unfairness, impunity, and own rules that forget the collective in favour of the personal greed, that needs the deepest transformation.
We need to change our views of wealth and money. It is not to be accumulated, safe kept and away from needed areas just because they are not profitable according to the standards and views of modern investment. The very measure and concepts of what is “profitable” much change. The economical and financial theory (believes!) should be questioned and modified. They should move from the personal greed and self interest to a more collective and inclusive theory (believe) to make the world a more equal, fair and peaceful place.

Change is happening. Most of what we see are pieces of the puzzle of change. The old image that served as a guide is breaking down and this causes confusion and distress. Meanwhile a new image is arising.
We, as intelligent, creative humans beings should become more aware and responsible that it is our thinking, our perception, and our visions are the tools that are needed to guide action and change.

Already, different actions are taking place in the world. That Wall Street is being occupied by peaceful demonstrators is a great symbol of what is going on, of how things are, and how they are changing. A group or collective of demonstrators from all walks of life, have gather together with a common idea and goal. They have perceived a different world, a different system, the changes needed. I support them with my thoughts, sympathy and will. I am with them in their protest and effort to make a change.

Change, evolution is a constant in the Universe in humanities history. We have the ability and the responsibility to improve our perception of things, to use our minds and guide the change that is happening. We are meant to be the creators of our own destiny and that of the rest of the world. Things are as they are. But, that doesn’t mean they should stay that way!

P.S. Without the others, we have no individual destiny.

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