Sunday, 27 November 2011

Late November Skies

While I am not an Astrologist, it is obvious that the late November skies are full of activity and energy.

Not only has the new moon began, an eclipse has also just happened. The new moon energies and the eclipse energies will have a long lasting influence and it is a good time to make the most of them.
Mercury has began its retrograde cycle and that opens a huge door for change.

Mercury retrograde will allow or bring flashbacks around decisions and turning points of the past. We will not live the past again, but we have a chance to look back at what happened then and redirect the experience for the better! It is a time to overcome what ever needs to be relived, understood and left behind while we gain new light and freedom.

The eclipse with its long lasting effects opens the doors for spiritual insight and light.

These two powerful influences allow us to come to term with ourselves, to solve the pending issues of the past that still hindrance us and makes us dependant of our past emotions and thinking or behaviour patterns. Most of the patterns will have roots in our mind (psychology) or in our emotions (psychology again). The time is adequate to ponder on the past issues that need reviewing and brake their negative influences in all aspects of our life.

The time is right to built new understanding and new behavioural patterns that will not only makes us better and gives us a new sense of freedom and purpose. When we work on these issues we not only help ourselves, we also help others and thus the healing is geometrical instead of just arithmetical.

The centre of attention should be purpose and a building up of our relationships. Relationship with ourselves, with others around us and with nature in the broadest sense of the word. (We are nature).

Changes and shifts are already happening. The future is already present today. It is our awareness that needs to catch up with things for we are already building what we want to become.

If you are interested in deepening these ideas follow the links to the Aquarius Papers or to Astrotabletalk were an abundance of information may be found.

On another issue, I would also recommend visiting Rocky Mountain Astrologer and read the Mollie Fancher history. The reading is good food for thought and it may be of help to consider different ways in which life can be lived and that there is much more than what we can ever experience or be aware of.

Life is larger than life, and the November skies are pouring their energy for a clearance and dress rehearsal for the coming 2012. Make the most of the opportunity and follow your insights and intuitions. Above all, be generous and patient. After all, the sky is not the limit.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Confusion and Opportunities

Felling confused? Welcome to the world of awareness! It is not wonder so many people find themselves in a state of confusion and a general sense of not being able to put things in a clear perspective.
The astrological influences and energies are showing precisely this. If we add the changing and erratic world situation it is not difficult to see how many energies or forces are acting at the same time in so many different directions making confusion a common state of feeling.

Confusion is not negative "Per Se" It is just and indication of a shift in multiple directions or addressing multiple issues. Probably it has to do with the shifting from old ways of thinking, of past behaviour patterns and ways of “seeing” and doing things. It is the birth of the new amongst the death of the old in us. So confusion is not something that should be fought or resisted but rather we should try to ride with it. It won't be here for ever. There is light at the end of the passage.

In situations like the present one it is important to be more aware of the emotions we may be experiencing and know them for what they are. We need to keep the mind focus and concentrate in what is really important and discard the rest. Things will change, but it they will not just fix themselves on their own. We have a powerful will and it is there for a purpose. We are responsible of what we make of ourselves and so we should endeavour to do our best to acknowledge the aspects where change is needed and work on the changes. Behaviour patterns, hindrances from the past, fears and doubts should be cleared out to concentrate in our goals and in our relationships with others and with the world we live in. Things are set in motion by our choices and there is no way around it, we have to make choices (not doing anything about it is a choice too, is it the best choice?).
It is important to strengthen our internal links. Those links that allow us to be aligned internally. It is also important to work on the links with others. Life is not lived alone and it has no purpose on a self centred personal basis. Life is made out of our relationship with others, with nature, with the truth, light, and love within us all.

Responsibility and will are the key elements to take into consideration. Confidence in our abilities to make the right choices and build deep connections are essential. The confusion and uncertainty period will pass, but the consequences of our choices and actions (or omissions) will shape the future. Time to see what patterns, behaviour and fears need to be dealt with and overcome. Openness to a new better reality is on the making. Let's dare and make the change, the right decisions and live in freedom from past hindrances and patterns. It is in our hands, if we only look into our hearts and minds. Deep down we will find there is nothing to be confused or fearful about.

Make the most of the opportunity!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

How Do We Judge Good Behaviour?

 Lets not measure the good we do by the things we do not do: restrain, avoidance, denial, discriminating, refusal, exclusion,.... (The severe ascetic ways).

Lets measure the good we do by the things we are willing to do and do:
Acceptance, awareness, care, support, understanding, guidance, inclusion, (The ways of deeper understanding and freedom).

Often moral codes, whether written or followed by habit and tradition have a tendency to guide thought and action by pointing out what should not be done.
They may often appear as a code of “do nots” with strict warnings of the consequences to those that disobey. We even follow this pattern when educating children, in school codes of behaviour and even work codes.
It is not unusual to hear people say that they do not approve of someones behaviour, that they do not mix with the “wrong kind of people”. They tend to like uniformity. A uniformity dictated by their own ways and sure enough they are just a step away of imposing their ways on others as a means of reassuring that uniformity. There is only one way to do things right (needless to say they it is their way).

By taking the negative code of behaviour things become forbidden and dangerous. Things that need to be avoided, at all costs. They can be a particular food, specific actions, and even a denial or feelings or thoughts!
Of course, those that follow the same rules are a group, a selected group, and the others,.... well at best they are ignored and considered lesser beings. At worst they could even be burned at the stake! (real or symbolically). Guilt and shame are by products of this lesser develop moral outlook.

Moral codes are a guide but they are not a substitute for personal consciousness. No real moral code should be distant to human nature. Quite the contrary, it should acknowledge and understand human nature before it attempts to become any sort of guide. Therefore consciousness is better develop as a true guide when it is honest and sincere. When it takes into account what we are and what we could be. It should not make anyone a foreigner, an excluded being. Respect is the key world here and from it openness and acceptance. Not of any act, but of the human being acting. It is often forgotten that it is actions that may be judged but not the human being. Care with language should be considered. He is a bad man, she is not a good person, etc. etc. It is better to say (and think) he did something wrong, she made a mistake. It would also be of help if we made an effort to place ourselves in the situation of that acting human being as to understand its motivations, limits and options.
Not that moral relativity is due, but a flexibility in judgement and in accepting that there are many ways to do things right!

If behaviour is better understood, then adequate guidance and responsibility may be found. There are indeed wrong actions. Our best choice is to see them clearly and then find a way to better guide and overcome the situation or decisions made as to change, improve and evolve. A helpful hint would be to measure others as we would like to be measured if we had done the same thing, and then, be conscious that people have a right to their decisions and have responsibility about them. There often is little we can do to change people. First and foremost they need to feel the need to change and maybe all we can do is help them find the right direction for them. Again, respect is the key word. Realising our limits and right to help or give guidance to others is a wise starting point.

It is better to embrace life, take risks, and learn from our own experience. It is better to acknowledge that there are many ways to do things right, that everyone has a right to experiment and guide their life according to their goals and deeper purpose, and that that is not a threat to us.
Right and wrong may be clearly seen if we learn to embrace life with responsibility and respect, with a sense of purpose and discovering that we are all linked and dependent on one another. That the individual is sacred, but it has no purpose or sense unless it discovers that his life has a collective purpose and a responsibility towards others.
The discovery and developing of this consciousness is what education, moral education and moral judgement should be about.

Want to be practical?
Then, be kind. Be active in thinking, doing and willing good. Make it inclusive and loving. It is compassion properly understood: to live with others, to experience with others the same feelings, emotions, and thoughts. A very inclusive way that has nothing to do with pity.

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