Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cosmic Visitations

These days Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers) wrote a fantastic piece (as usual), under the Title: “New Moon in Pisces, pt-2.” To read the post follow the link:

In the post Robert wrote: “This is a period that represents a “cosmic visitation,” where we need to find humor, objectivity, and a sense of who we are within a larger “light field.” We’re now in a period of receiving rewards for our courage, completing a larger understanding of a new set of standards to live by, and learning to attune to our invisible helpers so we can find non-linear means of communicating “at a distance.”
The whole text is full of food for thought, but I would like to comment on a particular subject, the one that I quoted above.
I came to realise that when "visitation" is mention somehow we believe we are going to be "visited" by some spiritual manifestation. To many this may sound like a spirit appearing in the night and calling our name while it swirls around our bed. I am sure this is not what was meant by Robert. As he himself points out, “cosmic visitations” may come in many shapes or forms. The most familiar to us would be a dream, an insight, a teaching, a motive, a thought, a conversation, etc. etc.
It is always exiting to think or imagine that we are going to be (or have been) visited by a cosmic being. It may make us feel as special, as a sign that we are making progress and are in the right path, or whatever other form of comfort my come to us. Actually this is just a whim or need of our personality. Such visitations, if they happen are not real. The Buddha himself taught his disciples that if the Buddha appears in your thought kill him for he is not the real Buddha.

Cosmic visitation happen very often, but we need to learn to identify them on a soul or spiritual level. Those are real visitations that can help us along the path. They are nothing special, they are not a specific signal of progress and a confirmation of a job well done. Actually a job well done is not looking or needing and confirmation or reward. It is done because it is the job to do and nothing else. It is selfless. The purpose of the visitations is different, they are clues or guidelines than can widen our consciousness, if we choose to follow the path they show. We may also not be aware of them, or simply decide not to follow the signals provided by the visitation. In spiritual matters, free will is always there. We always have choice and we are not punished or gain a price as if we were in a game. It has nothing to do with such lower mental or emotional expectations.

Yes, we can think and say a lot about Cosmic visitations. But maybe if we look at the issue from a different point of view we can understand it better. Instead of expecting a Cosmic visitation, w
hy don't we ever think of ourselves as the "visitors"? Why do we not see in ourselves the gifts and blessings that we have, the power to channel that we have and thus become the visitors that provide someone else with that expected "visitation"? We can also provide other with life changing experiences, or a t least with some love, light or service. How about starting to become aware of our activity as "visitors" to others? Let's view the issue from a different angle, not what we may receive but what we can do as service, as part of our path, and become the active agents that visit other souls to help them in their own path. To share light and love with them. To recognise that we are all individuals and yet one and the same. At a soul level we are in a collective level. Instead of separating we join and fuse. So, mutual Cosmic visitations are a natural event. We have to size the abilities, gifts, powers, blessings etc. etc. that we have to share and grow with them. We can be the ones visiting our fellow men/women. In doing so, the awareness and expanded consciousness of the Cosmic visitations we have will not only be enhanced but they will be of imaginable profit.
We are in the beginning of a new era, so let's view and do things in a different way.

Thanks for visiting. Blessings be.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

About Nations. About you

Nations can be compare in a broad sense with individuals. We can say that nations have a soul and a personality. These may show as national pride, national values, manifest as a culture, or any other form of national affirmation.
There is no problem with nationalism or national pride and belonging to a nation. It is part of the human experience. We as individuals belong to a group or to groups. We join in accordance to circumstances, believes, common goals or problems, etc. So do nations. They form alliances, blocks, etc.

The problem comes when the national view, the particular comes before the whole. When a nation sees itself as the most important thing to preserve, often isolation comes as an answer to political changes or world situations. Dictators for example have used this method to insure that their personal dream is dreamt by everyone else in the nation and foreign influences are considered dangerous to the health of the nation, state and people. Other countries have used the idea of being an island or of being in another continent to avoid engaging in world affair. Great Britain or the United States are just two examples in which this kind of thought has ruled a nations behaviour.

For whatever reason not getting involved, viewing other nations in terms of friend or foe, can be considered old and immature. We know the world is one and that which happens somewhere else will and does have an impact in the rest of nations or individuals. To resolve conflicts we have two choices; war or the table where issues can be discussed. Through history it seems, the war option has been the one most widely used. It can be a war on drugs, on terrorist, against evil forces... It can be war as a means to protect what is believed to be a right or a possession, or a position that is often labelled as “strategic”.

As humanity evolves, and it is doing so very fast in many fields, the view we have on nations and the view nations have about themselves and their role in the world has to change. Communications and economy have interlinked the world like never before and have done so in 25 years! Science and technology have been evolving and producing knowledge, comfort, gadgets and possibilities that were unthinkable 50 years ago. Change happens so fast that many gadgets become obsolete before their life cycle is over! Remember the old fax machine? Or the eight track or cassette players? I am sure you have seen perfectly good equipment being thrown into the recycle bin while still being able to render perfect service.

The need for change and to keep up with the times is evident. But politics have change very slowly in comparison. We still think as if the nation is a valuable thing that needs protection from.... and thus we see peril in many things. Some nations are self obsessed, other seek to join other nations, but only if they can manage to think alike and if their circumstances are similar or are to be so. The rest, remains foreigner and untrusted. Other times, other nations, other people are simply ignored or not know about. As if they where not our business and travel companions.

But, how are we going to change politics? How are we going to make the negotiation table much more effective than war? Again, I see the United Nations as a major player to achieve this goal. We need a United Nations in which interaction is not only possible but welcome and in equal terms. This would be the sign of healthy international relationships. A change in modus operandi. Business will not be business as usual.
There are problems and issues that need to be overcome before this happens. Are there nations prepared to conduct business in this new fashion rather than the old one? Maybe some, but others still need to evolve and come to terms with the present. The view on national interest (or security) has to change for a view of human interest and human security. Nations (we) have to assume that we are all really connected, that nothing in the world is foreign or unimportant to us. That we are involved in everything and that we can do a lot, if we join to do so.

A change of mind and leadership is needed to bring politics and “national interest” into the 21st Century and walk away from policies better suited for Nineteen Century colonialism and world view.
We are not far from a new “cold war”. China, Russia, Syria, form a complex triangle. So do the Palestinian, Irani and Israeli, another complex triangle in the same region. All with national interest and security issues from other world powers behind the scene. Another nuclear cold war? Maybe. That would mean we haven't learn the lesson yet. That would mean that business as usual is not working at all, it is not evolving but hindering progress and making us unsafe and stuck in the past.

There are no world leaders to be seen. Not one person capable of taking leadership of the situation. Maybe because it is not an issue that can be solved by one man (or one nation). It is only thorough collective collaboration that situations can be truly overcome and progress made. That applies to possible cold wars, to starvation, to poverty, to environmental issues, and a huge etcetera- The change has to come from a group, from a collective. I believe the United Nations were born and conceived to do exactly that. Therefore the need for reform in the United Nations. Therefore the need for a different way of thinking about the world and our place in it.

We are all involved and we all have a right of choice and the possibility of moving into the 21st Century, into the Age of Aquarius living, into a better world.
We can write to the media asking them to improve their coverage on important issues. We can write to our government representatives to ask them to view things differently and hold them accountable for their actions. We can contact groups that are campaigning for change according to our preferences and believes. We can ask for divine intervention, but remember that the media, and politicians won't react just because. And divine intervention could happen, but divinity might be waiting for your intervention too. There is a lot we can do.
Think about it.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Need to Change, the Need for Action. Your Action, Our Action.

Imagine a country where a democratic election takes place. The process is monitored and it is faultless. The voting results show a majority and the decision is clear.
Then, a special body in power reviews the results and if they don't like the outcome of the voting, they rule it out and nothing happens.
Would you consider that country to be a democratic country? Is that in agreement with human rights and freedom of choice? Is the governing body that rules out the election supporting freedom and democracy? How would you feel if you lived under such a regime?

Now, substituted the imaginary country for the United Nations. The General Assembly in a democratic vote reaches a decision, it comes out with a resolution that can, and often does, be overruled and stop by a few in the Security Council.
The UN structure could have been a good idea in the post war times. I can understand having a Security Council with a veto power then. But the world has evolved and change has happen over the last sixty years. The UN has to evolve and change too. Because it hasn’t done so it is no surprise that it is often very inefficient in dealing with many issues. No wonder that double standards are applied.

It is clear that the Middle East situation needs to evolve. It is a very unstable area and it is, once more, in the brink of serious trouble. The Arab Spring revolution is just one of the visible changes happening, but there is much more going on. It is also a region in which many interest are at stake. Good ideas and the power to make them come to reality and bring about a better situation have been and are blocked by the UN's Security Council. There are hundreds of resolution dealing with the Israeli – Palestinian crisis that are vetoed, or never applied, with no consequence other than people being killed, human rights tramped upon and instability as the daily way of life. The same applies now to what is happening in Syria. Syria is not Libya. It has a stronger army and Russian and Chinese back up.

Syria is a difficult nut to crack. Minorities are afraid of what might come after an inhuman and despicable regime as the present one is, changes. Syrians can't live any more with the current government and the situation is has brought about its people. Yet, what will happen after this regime falls? (and it should fall) .
Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya and Egypt have gone through revolutions and changes, but their situations are still unstable. Human rights have not always been respected and in a sense the coin us still in the air. Military intervention, arming revels, or similar actions are not a warranty of a peaceful and the desire outcome. Experience has proven this. Keep an eye on what Iraq is doing and the reaction of the Israeli's (and the interest of others in all these. It is an explosive situation that needs to be considered and watched over).

If the UN stands on the side line doing nothing is also a bad situation. How can a body like the UN, stand an watch annihilation, murder, war crimes, and et al, without doing something? It has to get into action if it is to have a purpose, if it doesn't what is the point of the UN?

Answers are not easy. A lot has to be done and much improvement is needed. But needles to say, this is not help by the actual structure of the UN with its Security Council veto powers that are always applied to protect and insure specific and particular interest. This structure blocks the interest of the common good and the collectivity of countries that make up the UN. The world will, in the last analysis, be subject to these particular interest and it will have to dance to that tune as long as some can impose their views and interest on the majority.

Imagine the UN working in a totally democratic fashion. The General Assembly takes it time to study the issues, to listen to all sides, to ponder on the information, and then, votes on the possible solutions and the majority's decision becomes a resolution that is applied. What a change in the balance of power in the world! What a change in the efficiency and confidence in the UN. Solution and change will happen faster and better. Yes, nothing will be perfect, but it is by far a much better alternative than that of what we have at present. Evidence is there.

Do give it a thought. Then, regardless of what your conclusion might be, do what you can to improve the Israeli – Palestinian situation. Do what you can to improve the situation in Syria. Do what you can to improve the rate and quality of change and evolution the world needs. There is always something we can do to bring a better situation about: willing it, meditation and the creation of right thought forms, discussing your ideas with others,.... the possibilities are many and you can do something. Nothing that is done is of little importance or effect.

Come on, it is 2012, the right time to make things happen!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Learned from Ilness

A friend went into the hospital after three weeks of being ill. Her nutrition levels were very poor and no wonder she got so feeble. Some of her closest friends (and family) learn about her condition about a week ago. She did not believe in main stream medicine or in asking for help. Things went to the worst and friends took action.
I am glad she is recuperating at the hospital where she will have proper care to get her back to her own self. (And to carry on living with her believes).

The whole issue has brought a few lessons to consider:
  1. If we close ourself, withdraw to much from the others (family, friends,...) we may end up pretty much alone and at times, unable to cope with some of the things life can bring about.
    We may also hurt family and friends for they can feel that for whatever reason there is no connection. A sense of separation is likely to arise, which would be detrimental for all. We need to learn to ask. We are part of a collective and what happens to us, happens to others. When other help us, they are also helping themselves!
    On the other hand, we don't allow others to experience the joy of giving and sharing and the growth that comes from it.
    We can not think only about ourselves, we are all connected, and more so to friends and family. The “I don't want to worry them” is just an illusion that can be very close to avoidance or other personal issues. It just does not work, at least not in the long run...

  2. By sticking to our believes in a fashion that goes beyond present evidence and common sense, we may very well do wrong!
    Believes should be revised and review and if needed they must be changed. The use of the critical mind should be a frequent exercise.
    There is nothing wrong with principles and believes but they should not stand on their own, like tyrants, having the only and definitive saying in all life matters. It is not that our believes are wrong but they can not become over-comprehensive, universal and applicable at all times. In extreme situations some extreme action and thought could be needed and we would do right if we assume the conditions and situations we can be placed to face. Believes and principles are for humanity. They are guidelines, but they are not there for us to serve them blindly. Moderation is a key element when having to make decision in certain situations. Sticking to a believe that is harming us and not changing it can be a manifestation of how locked up inside ourselves we can become. Shutting up and locking ourselves away is not only a physical description it also applies and maybe more so to emotional and mental attitudes. 

  3. Life, everyday we live has a purpose. The ending of a stage of a cycle does not mean that purpose is non existent. There is always a purpose. What needs to evolve and / or adapt is our ability to see and understand our life purposes.
    Of course there are dark times when we can not “see” purpose. Sometimes we go through “blind” transitions, but just because we don't “see” something it is non-existent.
    All this is part of a normal process and cycles are a natural part of it. We must learn to envision purpose and our current situation and what lessons we need to learn. Nobody has learned all there is to learn in a life time as there is no life that is purposeless.

    We can't give up on life for Life never gives up on us.

    PS. A short poem:
    Above a leave hangs from a branch
    A soft breeze
    Below the pond ripples.

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