Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Humility and Strength

Recently I have been pondering about Humility and Strength. They are both desirable, but what do they really mean?
I am sure there are plenty of definitions for them but I had to find my own. Sometimes this is needed: to find a personal meaning.

To some humility is to accept the truth about oneself. The good and the not so good. Regardless of where this truth come from; our own introspection, what someone in a comment or conversation reveals to us about ourselves and the capacity to accept it as it is.
In summary then, humility has to do with what you are. Recognising what you are is honouring truth. A good starting point.
Once we know what we are, our chances of doing what we can and what is better increases. Also, the capacity to stay out of dire straights grows. We become wiser in our choices and self knowledge.

Strength has to be more than mere resilience. It has to be more than the proverbial  “Get on with it”. Both this attitudes can be a manifestation of strength, but also of resignation for example. Strength has more to do with the way we act (internally or externally). But, where does strength comes from? It must come from loyalty and fidelity to a greater purpose. If we “see” the purpose and understand the value of that purpose loyalty and fidelity to it will allow us to endure whatever test comes our way. As V Frankl said; There is always a how if we have and understanding of the why.

I can envision humility and strength as the two blades of a scissor. They need to work together to make the cut. If we grow in humility we will be closer to the truth and the real. We will be wiser and we will know what needs to be done and the value of it. This can be seen as purpose. And, if we have purpose, we can find the source of strength. We know what we are and we know what our endeavours are. This gives direction or meaning to ourselves and our lives. It sets us on the right course. We grow and evolve into what we really are. We become aware of our true selves and the meaning of our existence.

I believe that humility and strength would be of help in dealing with many of the problems people face today. It would give a different take and promote healing to emotional problems such as feeling a victim, or a sense of low self worth, to name two examples.

Lets try to find the strength to be humble and the humility to find true purpose which will make us stronger. We will have a better chance at understanding the meaning of what we are and what our life is about. We can all do this, it may need more or less practise and consistency, but in all humility it is worth the effort and we will grow stronger. 

PS I like the Navajo saying so I'm posting it again: May you walk in beauty. Cheers!

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Truth in Lies

It is an old issue that has been debated through history. How can lies be real when they “say” something that is not. If its not, then it can not be.
On one hand some say that lies do not really exist. They “talk” about something that isn't so, therefore, they are not really real. They are an illusion.
On the other hand some may say that lies do exist. Hey, we may come across lies many times during a day or a week! They do happen. We all have been lied to at some point. So, yes, lies do exist. But then, what kind of existence do they have?

Lies are created by someone's mind. They are a thought and as thoughts, they do exist. Thoughts exist regardless of their accuracy, truthfulness or precision.

But thoughts are not all the same. Some thoughts are better than others. Better not only in an ethical term. Better because they are truer, deeper, have more light, power, …. they reveal more about reality or create a better reality.
Lies can also be very powerful creative thoughts and that is a problem. As such, they not only exist but create!

The core of the matter then is not if lies exist or not. They do. The core of the matter is that it is our thoughts that create reality and often that reality we create can be very destructive and self-destructive.
But, not everything exists in the same way. It is not a matter of: It is or it isn't. All that exist does so up to a degree. The supreme existence is that, supreme and exist fully, everything else derives its being from it and exist in degrees.

Some things exist more than other. They have more being to them.
What we create as thought forms will have different kinds of existence. This is so for many reasons. To state just two: the capacity the mind has that is producing the thought form and the contents or intention of the thought form or creation. In that sense a terrible lie can create a horrible reality and will have some degree of existence. Maybe even more than a true thought form that has been weakly produced. But because one is true and the other one isn't their intention will affect their existence and even the strong lie will eventually be discovered as a lie and thus loose its power and its being will change. While the true thought form will be linked to a higher existence: Truth, thus sharing a degree of truth and therefore “joining its being” to the better and for the better. It will have an effect, even if it takes longer to manifest. (As if timed mattered here).

That is why we have to be aware and careful of the thought forms we produce and what we say and how we live. Lies can have an expression on all those levels and create a reality on all those levels too. So, the illusion is given energy and confusion grows. (In logical consequence, illusions are real, ... to a degree). Maybe that is why we may wonder why bad things happen. Sometimes as if they sprung from no where. No, it is not bad luck.

The good side is that we can also create thought forms that are linked to the truth and therefore knowledge is given energy and light shines. Maybe that is why we may wonder why good things happen. Sometimes as if they sprung from no where. No, it is not good luck.

Both of this motions feed karma and have a direct influence on the life we live. For we do create or life (at least to a point, we are not absolute and perfect). In that life creation, in that thought creation, we may live in illusion and therefore what we are is modified, or being is changed and pointed in that direction.
If we create thought forms, if we create a life that is linked to truth we will live in light and what we are is modified, or being is changed and pointed in that direction. (The same can be said of Good, Beauty, etc.).

If thought forms have different degrees (quality) of existence, what happens with human beings that create their lives? Do some people have a greater degree of existence than others? Bottom line, what is the degree (quality) of existence we are creating for ourselves? Are we not responsible for what we are and become?

P.S. There is an old Navajo Indian good bye wish: " Walk in Beauty".  May you do so, if you create that beautiful path.  Think about it!

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