Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Male and The Male Energy

Scene 1 Historical setting, we see and hear the protagonist's inner thoughts:
run, faster, (gasp), run, prepare, hold the spear tight, ready. Keep running, look out. Forget the pain, the fear, run. No matter the wetness that weights down on you, carry on. Throw! (missed by inches), get the sword, run, hold it tight and be swift. Aggg, near miss, dart!, move, duck!
Cut, now another blow. Don't look back, run, keep on running, be ready for the next one (gasp). No, no pain, forget the cramps in the muscles, the stain in arms and legs, the feeling of heart and lungs exploding, keep going forward! Run, hold the sword tight and be swift.... look out.

Stop the scene! Please stop the scene. It has been played to often in so many men minds. That familiar scene, the male in full exposure of what has been regarded as the most manly expression of his existence: the fearless warrior that probes his strength his capability, his manliness. It is because of this power and capacity to conquer and defeat that honours and a place in society is achieved. Over the centuries this has been the way social power, prestige and a place in life has been won (or lost). Without a doubt these traits have been in bed in our personal or collective unconsciousness. Few men now a days carry spear and sword and are expected to rush in such fashion over the battle field. Methods have become more subtle; from the assault rifle to the traits of the so called “men world” in modern corporations, sports, and many other still subtler social activities. This roll model of the man that can take it like a man, the man that is an achiever or a looser, the man that can defeat any competitor or challenge (even when at a game of pool), is pretty much alive today. No wonder I reject such a roll model as a portrait of what a man should be. But still, society expects these attitudes of men. Maybe they are more subtle than all the pressures put on to women today, but it is pressure there.
What is even worse is the contradiction that comes from society and females towards men. They still expect a man to be a conqueror, to be strong, to provide (security, wealth, strength....?), to succeed, to be a winner. To win them over! Man has to be active and creating and achieving. He has to prove himself. Prove himself to father and mother, to his partner, his peers, his off-springs, and to himself! Biologically females still seek for the strong genes, the proverbial manly attributes as an attractive quality in the child bearer. Females tend to follow a patter of a more “passive roll”. (Then they complain that they are view as such). Yet, they want a man to be understanding, caring, in touch with emotions, capable of expressing them, being kind, gentle, subtle, and generous. No wonder so many men are confused and lost. No wonder so many females are confused too.
If those expressions of the male energy where selected at a given time in our evolution, they must go if we want a different world, a more evolved society and mankind.
There is nothing wrong with the male energy, the problem is the way in which it has been channelled and to a large extend it is still expected to be channelled. We need a different approach to the male energy and the change may come when we change the goals expected. We have to change the way we see men and their roll in society. Men have to change the view and expectations they have of themselves to start with. A different awareness and consciousness of the power and use of the male energy is called for. Instead of conquering, defeating, achieving no matter what the cost is, we need a shift to an energy channelled towards unity, understanding, creating a safer, peaceful surrounding. A non violent transformation process of the world and it resources by being more rational on goals and means. A true care for other, in particular the weaker ones, the needy ones, the less fortunate. An energy geared towards empowerment of our higher selves instead of fuelling our lower selves (as has often been the course of history). We are not to be guided by instinct, by inherited traditional roll models and expectations. We need to create our own world and our place in it.

Scene 2 We see and hear the protagonist's inner thoughts:
We need to find a way to work together, a more rational way to get things done that allows for a benefit of all those involved. We need to trust ourselves, to have the confidence to do it. We may need to try it more than once, but rest assure, we will get it done in a proper ethical fashion. We need to focus on the effects of what we are going to do, make sure no one is hurt and that we all understand why and what we are doing. If need be, will seek for assistance, we will ask and ponder. We will overcome, thinking and working together. Yes,it is in our power to do so.

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  1. Oh, Great Dragon, Life can be tough, but the Dragon should be up to it. Regardless of energies. The battle is all within, however we try to look at it. The Bhagavad Gita may have some hints for the journey. R


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