Monday, 11 April 2011

Party! Creating Reality and the Police

A few nights ago there was a gathering that just happened at my place. Good energies (and other liquids) were flowing and everyone was having a good time. At a given point it became to much for me and I made a “gracious” escape to bed. There I laid and even managed to get to sleep while the fun and music continued.
At a some point everyone left and there was silence. Well, only briefly for the police showed up and knocked on the door saying that a neighbour had complain about the noise. So, there I was in total darkness, wearing my pyjamas and telling the two young policemen that the house was empty and there wasn’t anything to worry about. They promptly left after asking for my name, etc. etc. and a reassurance that all would remain quite.
As I returned to bed the experience made me ponder: Do we create our own reality? Hmmmmmmm. How did I create the appearance of the two policemen?, what about the phone call they claimed to have received? In short: Do we really create our reality, the whole of it?
No, I don't believe we create the whole of our reality. We are limited beings, therefore we have limits. I did some research on the subject and found a great article by Robert Wilkinson (“The World is a Phenomenon”, check the Aquarius Papers web site) in which he says: “It has been stated "we create our own reality." That's not entirely true, since we all are within a much larger field of life that we did not create.”
Spot on Robert! It was the larger field of life that created the appearance of the police!
So, we are not able to create all and everything that happens in our life. We are not able to create our whole reality. To me that is clear and solid.
But then, to what extend are we able to create our reality?, for it is also clear and obvious that we do have a creative influence in what our life is.
The answer is not easy. The main factor is to acknowledge that we indeed have a reality creative power and to the degree of our capacity we have a responsibility. As we become more aware and conscious of this fact, the bigger our responsibility is. Scary? Well yes, at times it can be. Nevertheless it is still great news for we can do, change, re-direct (probably this is the best term) what happens in our life experience.
We may create our reality from the energies that are born in our lower selves: anger, desire, greed, … and such will be the quality of the life we have. So, if there is room for complain, there is also room for improvement!
If we create our reality from our higher self: compassion, understanding, love… we will have the quality of life that comes from our creation.
It should be obvious that we would inhabit a better world in proportion to the quality and energies we use to create it. Therefore, lets get some awareness and try to use our heads (minds) and put our souls into our creativity.
Wonder if all this rambling would hold in court if the police comes around again?, for we are going to keep on parting and celebrating life.
Regardless. Cheers everyone!

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