Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Welcome to the Magic Dragon

Thank you for visiting. One Magic Dragon is as much my blog as it is yours. There are many ways in which you may participate in this blog: by reading, commenting, reflecting, subscribing to it, making suggestions and whatever comes to mind.
The  Magic Dragon's goal is to help the Dragon keeper in his reflections to get a getter "grip on life", to share his interests and ideas, to seek for ways of communicating and getting feed back on the topics posted and to help us all become better persons. 
A good person knows that there is a purpose to life and that purpose is better developed through service to others, and collective and cosmic awarness. The Dragon keeper is not a wise man, nor an inspired guru. He probably has no better answers than you. Sometimes he just struggles to make the right question! Yet, he is strong (some may say stuborn) in his endeavour to grow in life, to serve the collective through the Dragon's Magic, and to enjoy as a way to retribute to the Universe all that is given to us. 
May we all find the way to better use the energies we have to promote world peace, healing and a love for ourself and all others. Whatever happens in the Universe happens to us. Whatever we do happens to the Universe. So, let's make this Universe a  warm home for us all!


  1. Pretty heavy stuff Dragon Man. For those of us interested, tell us why the Dragon. And, are all dragons magic? Or just some? I am not up on dragons, in general. I do know a bit about Saint George. He got big press for slaying an ancient dragon and saving a damsel. Hopefully, this isn't too far afield of your intentions. Robert

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere Magic Dragon, I know you will bring much magic xx

  3. Whay a creative way to contribute to the wolrd! Just by shareing and making this place avaailabel for communication, learning & Fun! Dragon keeper you began something that as in everything in life you don´t know where it might take you, meanwhile enjoy the adventure!
    The Dragon keeper whats a getter or better grip of life?
    Why is the dragon so special for us Cues?

  4. Mr. Dragon Man, I read your first blog early in the morning. Re-reading it, I notice the comment "grip on life" being the only words highlighted. Seems to relate to the Revolver. r


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