Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Emotions as a Prologue

Emotions are links between the body and the mind. In that sense, they are pre-mind.
The body may function properly. The mind may function properly. Each in their own tasks and planes. Yet, the emotions may get in between then and distort or impede the expression of the body or of the mind.
Emotions may come from the sentient body or from the thinking mind, but they are a world of their own.
There are emotions which are “main emotions”, other are “lesser emotions”. Among the main emotions we have:
-Self preservation
-Self image or visualisation (astral plane)
-Emotional self awareness
-Need to belong
and many others.
Emotions and their flow may need much pondering to be done upon them.

                                                        On Shift
                             An experience on Illusion and Reality

Illusion of danger, violence, being hurt,scared, disappointed, confused, questioned. A sense of loss of reality.
Under such circumstances comes the questioning of self, of capabilities, of job performance/desire, of purpose, seeking ways to handle these realities, experiences, feelings, thoughts.
No true answer may come from this plane, or situation.

Connecting with the soul
Becoming aware that we are a point of light within a stream of light, a point of love within a stream of love, that we may be a way for people to overcome. The real service to us is done when we service others first.
The experience of light and answers. The experience of the difference between the two planes. 

The answers as soul consecration, a common soul, a deep soul purpose.
Harmlessness, soul connection as the space to understand and act. If need be from as “As if” position. 

The discovery that violence, being hurt, scared, disappointed, confused, questioned, is all an Illusion. Only by connecting with the soul is the illusion understood and overcome.
Nevertheless, when dealing with men less aware and conscious the reality and truthfulness of the soul must be explained and dealt with from the illusionary reality or it will not be understood: the situation, the action to take... The opening of a way for deeper understanding and evolution.

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