Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Yet, another experience

After yet another experience of violence and attack and much pondering I have decided to end my days as a Child Care Worker. Much has been stirred. While the shock is in a waning process there is the need to understand and learn from the experience.

In a greater view of things:
- What has (or is) the meaning of all this events and particularly at this time of the full moon in May? (A special festival for many).
- The experience has not been a mistake or a waste of time and energy, but a lesson needed, even though a lot about it is still in “the dark”.
- Maybe I am still following and subdue by old mind and emotional patterns: The “should”, duty, test, proof, overcome.... They are not the guidelines of life and action. They are clever shams from the personality to keep things under its control. Imprints from the past that have to go for a truer, higher soul and self development.
- Being a seeker has been a trademark of mine. It is also a pattern from the past that must end.

By trying to seek and find and understand I am in motion, in action, but not settled. It is a way of making things happen, to bring about change, but, where is the purpose or direction?

The time has come to sit and listen. The time for Non Action. The time for treating the high path that will enable for things to be revealed. A time for calmness, observation, connection and detachment.

Many times the rational mind with its powers of analysis and thought production has been an obstacle for the soul light. It has anchored the highest to the lower, for the rational mind is still part of our lower self. Another clever way for the personality and past patterns to keep controlling and ruling.
Time to let go of this behaviour.
Time to sit and see the light come after the dark experience.
Let the new light shine and guide!

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