Sunday, 12 June 2011

Some More on Self Forgetfulness

Self forgetfulness does not come from the mind or the heart, it is achieved from the soul when unity is experienced.
It could be called “the esoteric vision”.
Mind and heart separate. They create subjectivity, objectivity and the relationship between subject and object. There is the subjective mind considering something; its object and the relationship between the object considered and the mind. The same happens with the heart. The heart loves a loved “object” and there is the relationship between the heart and the loved “object”. There fore unity is not achieved, we are dealing with a triad. The mind or heart create this triad and therefore the self is part of it, the creator of it. So, self forgetfulness is not possible, we are involved in the knowing or loving process.
The soul is a unit. Only when we live or view things from the soul is that unity is possible thus leaving the self out of the equation subjectivity-objectivity and engulfing all in one single reality. Therefore the separate self is non existent, so it may be “forgotten”.
When living or acting from the soul service or union with fellow men or with all there is may be achieved at another level. It is a different experience. There is oneness, a union of the soul with what there is, it is one and the same. This is life from the soul. It has to be experienced, not understood or felt.
All that said, service and union with fellow men or with any other thing may be experienced from the heart or mind, and that is fine. We usually experience life from the mind or the heart. Nothing wrong with doing so, but it is a different experience of the phenomena or the appearances and it is harder to penetrate into the real energy of forces that make reality. We work or live or experience form a specific point of view. This makes the experience partial, limited. When we have the same experience from the soul we are doing so from a higher reality that allows for unity. It is the difference of doing something for somebody because we think that is adequate and we want to, even if there is an effort involved, or doing the same thing with a greater understanding and with out the self getting in the way with its ideas of what should be done, its doubts, and its emotions. 
Working, experiencing, of living from the mind or heart has a different quality to the work, experience of life that comes from the soul. 
We all have had such experiences when we do something because it has to be done, because it is needed, because it is good,.... but it is an effort and only compromises part of us. A different experience to that of when we do something were we forget ourselves because we are so involved in what we are doing: listening to music or a conversation, reading, cooking, or connecting with other (person or any other reality) where we are totally absorbed by it loosing consciousness of time and space, of the self. A much richer, deeper experience. The we have some glimpse of what experiencing reality from the soul means and how much easier it is to achieve self forgetfulness.
Yes, as Robert commented on one of his posts; “self is a big word”. Indeed, it is a big reality and much has to be thought about it before we may consciously forget the self. The work is cut out for us. 

On another issue. I am trying a come back at writing. Short stories at the time. Hope they come from the soul. Let's see where the experience goes. 

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  1. Well said, Dragon Man.
    I am interested in those Soul Stories.


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