Sunday, 3 July 2011

Inclusive Creations and Collaboration

Now that the eclipse is over and the New Moon is beginning to shyly glow above the horizon we are in the thresh hold of bright new ways and ideas.

The eclipse and the waning moon gave away energies that allowed for us to release the past, to do away with all the ballast that could condition the way we viewed ourself and the paths we thought open. Now, since the release of those past patterns of thought and behaviour we may become aware of the opportunities to create a better, freer self that has many new paths to take.
The eclipse and moon energies are still there and their influence will continue to be present for a long time. Awareness of this process is there, if we only take time to look inwards and listen to our deeper self.

With such energies, a new initiative has been born. The idea behind it is to help artists and creators of all walks of life to have a “space”, a site to display their art, and ideas. A showcase open to everyone. A place or site where creativity may find ways to grow and flourish. There is nothing exclusive about it, the idea is to make it as inclusive as possible. With such goals was recently born. A group of artists from the textile, painting, photography, poetry and literature launched the web page and welcome you to enjoy their work, share your thoughts, or become a member if you wish too.

The Dragon whispered some ideas to me and thus a short story has been my first collaboration with the site. I'm glad to be there, in cyberspace, surrounded by such talented artists and creators. A good place to be due to the positive energies and collective impulse behind the site that has come about at the right time.

So come and visit, share, and enjoy, for life is a lovely creative process!

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