Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I've been to hell.
Not the biggest news you will come across today. If you think about it, I am sure you have made the journey to hell (and back) many times too. You know what I'm talking about.

Yes, I have been to hell, but what is relevant about it is that I came back from it (or I am doing so). Hell has no burning flames and hot fire. Who ever imagined it like that is wrong, hasn’t been there. Hell is a dark, cold place. There you are mostly surrounded by loneliness. Reality as we usually know it disappears and instead we find a deep dark grey fog that presses down and suffocates us. We are left to our own devises. Sooner or later we learn that fighting the sense of loneliness and revelling against the dark grey fog is futile. A tiresome effort that leads nowhere. During the experience I have always been able to find a very deep and hidden “light” that lets me know I will overcome this journey. A sense of “everything will be all right” manages to shyly shine regardless of the suffocation and dark fog. It may not be present all the time, but then and again, its glows, like a distant candle light bringing the ability to accept and endure. It is thorough acceptance and observation that things begin to change in our hell journey. It may take time, but things do start to evolve.

Hell's fire is not of burning flames, if so, we would quickly reach liberation by becoming smoke. No, the fire in hell is a destructing energy. It acts slowly and often fills us with fear. The fire doesn't stop until it leaves us totally naked and exposed. Vulnerable. Reduced to our minimum.
It is from that point that reconstruction may begin. The fire
has taken away what was in our way and places us in a state that allows us to recognise what we truly are and thus, sets us free to restart a new self to begin a new journey. It is then when we start to return from hell.
So viewed, hell is not a punishment. Questions like: What is this happening to me?, are meaningless. Hell is about purification and renewal. It only hurts and freights because we fear the loss of what we thought we were, or had. We are placed in a situation from which we can learn what we really are and find new paths and destinies. When hell is overcome we gain a new vision, a new beginning, a new future.

The journey to hell is an individual journey, nobody can do it for us, for nobody can live our life. Yet, we don't travel and go through it alone. There are friends, relatives and maybe other entities that are witness and at times journey mates. We may be to busy and immerse in our journey as to notice them, but they are there, doing their share. Has to be so, for even if our life is our own, we don't live merely for ourselves. Life has a deeper meaning, it goes beyond ourselves. Life, to be purposeful has to be a shared endeavour. My life is mine and for others. No contradiction in that statement.
The journey to hell is a lesson, an opportunity for renewal and the building of a better today and tomorrow. That is good news, probably the best news we may come across in a long time.


  1. And now the next step ooooo errrrr thoughts are with you as you go through another burning field - healing times xx

  2. Healing times indeed. With them comes the confirmation that we don't journey into hell and back alone, even when these kind of journeys are personal ones. On that token I would like to thank all of those that are with me in this particular experience. Healing is there for us all and in so many fields that we often don't even know all the gifts we are receiving. Life is wonderful, no matter how it may seem at times. I feel the love of so many!
    A thankful Dragon Keeper.

  3. 15:17 it´s bloody 23:17 here!!! Have you managed any rest yet with you Dragon Keeper, no brushing of hair by river though :)

  4. Not much rest yet. Waiting for a possible visit by a know dear Shaman! For now the dragon runs on fire!


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