Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Dragon Keeper is in a Journey

The Dragon Keeper has been on a journey. A multiple journey.
He got a telephone call. Mother was dying. He took the first fly over. (Actually a connection of flights that were a challenge on their own, mostly because of American safety measures and requirements, a night mare!).
The Dragon Keeper arrived in time to see and talk to mother, she died two days later.
Now, Dragon Keeper is on the aftermath of the journey. Memories, emotions, thoughts, are now his companion as he settles on the strong experience. 

Chinese have a saying: “No one is alone until they lose their mother”
While the Dragon Keeper understands what the saying means, and knows it may be true to a point, he also knows it is not the whole truth.
You see, the Dragon Keeper knows and feels mother's presence in the genes that make up his body, in thought patterns embedded as education or example, in emotions that are branded in the heart. 
 Also, the Dragon Keeper knows what illusions are and knows that we are never alone, that we really never part one another. Life is to rich, life is to great as to have just the spacial time dimension. Presence of the soul is there, connections are there, union is there. It is a different kind of relationship but still a relationship and a strong one at that. 

The Dragon Keeper also knows that the best way to honour those that we loved and that have been and are meaningful to our journey through our life in earth is to enjoy life and move forward. The last thing a dead friend, family, … wants to be is a ballast and a drag. They want for us to enjoy life to get over the sham of lost. Grief is a natural process and should be dealt with, but it does not happen at soul level. The soul knows better and is free to live, if we allow it. Grief is more a mental and emotional process and as such it should be recognised and dealt with. It is only useful if it becomes a path to gain freedom and be able to embrace life with a warmer stronger hold. 
 Loving, hoping, dreaming, enjoying, gratefulness, those are the signs of a grief process that honours both the ones that have left us their life as a lesson and for the making of our own journey. 

The Dragon Keeper is grateful for the love and tender care mother provided. Grateful to family and friends for their support and companionship. He was and is not alone in this experience. The Dragon Keeper will endeavour to live life more joyfully, with more hope, and a freer attitude, not because of what mother meant, but because all lives deserved to be lived that way. It is the best way to honour what we are:

PS. Thanks to all that have walked this journey with the Dragon Keeper. Feeling and being very close to family and friends.


  1. Concise and precise - wise words Dragon Keeper :) xx

  2. Many thanks Mpress. You know what your words mean to me. Keep the light and love shining bright!


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