Monday, 14 November 2011

Confusion and Opportunities

Felling confused? Welcome to the world of awareness! It is not wonder so many people find themselves in a state of confusion and a general sense of not being able to put things in a clear perspective.
The astrological influences and energies are showing precisely this. If we add the changing and erratic world situation it is not difficult to see how many energies or forces are acting at the same time in so many different directions making confusion a common state of feeling.

Confusion is not negative "Per Se" It is just and indication of a shift in multiple directions or addressing multiple issues. Probably it has to do with the shifting from old ways of thinking, of past behaviour patterns and ways of “seeing” and doing things. It is the birth of the new amongst the death of the old in us. So confusion is not something that should be fought or resisted but rather we should try to ride with it. It won't be here for ever. There is light at the end of the passage.

In situations like the present one it is important to be more aware of the emotions we may be experiencing and know them for what they are. We need to keep the mind focus and concentrate in what is really important and discard the rest. Things will change, but it they will not just fix themselves on their own. We have a powerful will and it is there for a purpose. We are responsible of what we make of ourselves and so we should endeavour to do our best to acknowledge the aspects where change is needed and work on the changes. Behaviour patterns, hindrances from the past, fears and doubts should be cleared out to concentrate in our goals and in our relationships with others and with the world we live in. Things are set in motion by our choices and there is no way around it, we have to make choices (not doing anything about it is a choice too, is it the best choice?).
It is important to strengthen our internal links. Those links that allow us to be aligned internally. It is also important to work on the links with others. Life is not lived alone and it has no purpose on a self centred personal basis. Life is made out of our relationship with others, with nature, with the truth, light, and love within us all.

Responsibility and will are the key elements to take into consideration. Confidence in our abilities to make the right choices and build deep connections are essential. The confusion and uncertainty period will pass, but the consequences of our choices and actions (or omissions) will shape the future. Time to see what patterns, behaviour and fears need to be dealt with and overcome. Openness to a new better reality is on the making. Let's dare and make the change, the right decisions and live in freedom from past hindrances and patterns. It is in our hands, if we only look into our hearts and minds. Deep down we will find there is nothing to be confused or fearful about.

Make the most of the opportunity!

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