Sunday, 27 November 2011

Late November Skies

While I am not an Astrologist, it is obvious that the late November skies are full of activity and energy.

Not only has the new moon began, an eclipse has also just happened. The new moon energies and the eclipse energies will have a long lasting influence and it is a good time to make the most of them.
Mercury has began its retrograde cycle and that opens a huge door for change.

Mercury retrograde will allow or bring flashbacks around decisions and turning points of the past. We will not live the past again, but we have a chance to look back at what happened then and redirect the experience for the better! It is a time to overcome what ever needs to be relived, understood and left behind while we gain new light and freedom.

The eclipse with its long lasting effects opens the doors for spiritual insight and light.

These two powerful influences allow us to come to term with ourselves, to solve the pending issues of the past that still hindrance us and makes us dependant of our past emotions and thinking or behaviour patterns. Most of the patterns will have roots in our mind (psychology) or in our emotions (psychology again). The time is adequate to ponder on the past issues that need reviewing and brake their negative influences in all aspects of our life.

The time is right to built new understanding and new behavioural patterns that will not only makes us better and gives us a new sense of freedom and purpose. When we work on these issues we not only help ourselves, we also help others and thus the healing is geometrical instead of just arithmetical.

The centre of attention should be purpose and a building up of our relationships. Relationship with ourselves, with others around us and with nature in the broadest sense of the word. (We are nature).

Changes and shifts are already happening. The future is already present today. It is our awareness that needs to catch up with things for we are already building what we want to become.

If you are interested in deepening these ideas follow the links to the Aquarius Papers or to Astrotabletalk were an abundance of information may be found.

On another issue, I would also recommend visiting Rocky Mountain Astrologer and read the Mollie Fancher history. The reading is good food for thought and it may be of help to consider different ways in which life can be lived and that there is much more than what we can ever experience or be aware of.

Life is larger than life, and the November skies are pouring their energy for a clearance and dress rehearsal for the coming 2012. Make the most of the opportunity and follow your insights and intuitions. Above all, be generous and patient. After all, the sky is not the limit.

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