Sunday, 4 December 2011

On Family Karma

As individuals we all belong to a family. Each family is an entity of its own. It is enriched through the generations with people coming into them by marriage, partnerships, births, and they change by deaths, and members moving on. Families evolve thorough generation. From a personal point of view, so does or roll in them. Family evolution is witness to the passage of time and to the motion of life as it unfolds through them.

If we look at some prominent families (for whatever reason that makes them prominent), we see that often the law of karma is working upon them. Families that have some sort of “curse”, others appear as having a mission, such as royal families, aristocratic families, or families that excel in business, show-business, and so on. Some times there is a trend in them, a long tradition where some families produce a long strand of doctors, or explores, or members in the arm forces, lawyers, artists, joiners, farmers, etc. etc. A special gift that is carried on and developed by members throughout generations. It is a legacy that often claims sacrifice and a special kind of behaviour or outlook of life.

So, some kind of energy or force may very well propel a family and its members thorough generations. This could well be a karmic energy working through the family history and shaping its members accordingly.
Besides the personal, individual karma, we may also inherit (genetically, culturally, or some other way), the family karma. Dealing with that inherit karma is one of the many things we need to become aware of and then make the most of it as part of our life. That may mean that we follow that karma as a personal choice, as our path. Other times it is a call for deliverance and change that may affect the whole family or an individual. This could account to some breaking or distancing from one family member from the rest. The individual has found that the personal karma, his call, his path, takes him away from family tradition and/or family expectations. At the end, one has to follow its own path and go through life learning the personal lessons and the personal evolution or growth that is at the core of his personality and soul.
This option may be understood and even supported by the rest of the family or some of its members while at times it is seen as a treason, rebelion or simply as if the individual has “gone mad”. What we must realise is an obvious reality; people like families evolve and change due to many factors (even generational relay), and so the relationship between the entity call family and its members is ever changing and evolving. It has to be, (if the family is alive, for there are dead families...)

Many psychological schools have dealt with these issues. Bert Hellinger's Family Constellations is a very enlightening one and explains how unsolved business (conflicts or other situations) may very well be passed on from one family member to another until the unfinished business is dealt with. It is an inheritance on the personality level that needs soul light to be understood and dispelled.

Families are the stronghold of society, the building blocks of the community up to the state, country and culture. Yet, they are formed by individuals and they are for the individual good. Nevertheless, the personal good is not necessarily detached from responsibility, reciprocating and care for the rest of the collective, weather that collective is the same family or its extension to the community, society, country and the rest of the human race.

Personal choices should be respected, even when not understood. But it would help us all if understanding and meaning is found in those choices. The need for communication, for love and care is essential. Keeping the door open at all times is building a bridge towards personal and family healing. It is the best way to deal with the family karma in its evolution and with the individual right to follow a personal path. Family either foster wings or cages, (as individuals do in human relationships).

It does not mean that we must accept and agree with every families member decisions or outlooks in life, it means that we need to be open to understand them. It is the first sign of respect and maturity. Non the less, at times it may seem that we are condemn to walk our path in isolation.

Dealing with family karma is a good opportunity to learn about right human relationships, good will and love. In the last analysis, the problems of humanity are also about right relationships, good will, love, understanding and respect. As the esoteric law says; As above so below.

Our path is linked to becoming aware, dealing and evolving the family karma in the right direction. As it is linked on a broader scope with the rest of humanity.

So, review the gifts, the inheritance, the force or energies that are give to any one of us through our family. Make the best of them to benefit our personal life, and see what karma needs to be burned and left behind. This is liberating both for the individual and for the rest of the family, (and humanity). Finish the unfinished business and carry on shining your light and love as you trot down the path of development. It could be a good starting point this December as many families tend to gather. A good start for the very powerful and interesting incoming 2012.

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  1. MD,

    Astrology can have useful input in family situations. Am reminded of a number of things that come up when considering the horoscopes of Kennedy family members.

    More later, Robert


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