Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Winter Solstice, The New Year, 2012 and beyond

It is that time of year; the Winter Solstice, the coming of the New Year, a time that is often thought of as a period for re-evaluation and new beginnings.

Some people have their own rituals to make the best of the occasion. I know of some that burn the old dairy, or that write down those things that are just hindrances and need to be let go in order for the new to grow. Others make their New Years resolutions. In whatever way it is done, it doesn’t really matter, what is important is that we make the best of the opportunity to review what needs reviewing and that we move forward to a better self.
There is no point in going over and over the past and building up a sense of guilt, of despair, and of worthlessness. The past is what it has been. Often when we recall it we may not be very precise about it either, we may “see” it according to how we feel today. What can best be said of the past is that it has been. It had its time in our own personal history and it is gone. This is specially important if the past or past experiences and longings are just a hindrance to live the present and live it the best we can. No point in beating dead horses. Good if you know or have a simple ritual that allows purification and deliverance from the past and leads to a better present.

The present becomes richer when we think about the possibilities it has within it. The present has the tremendous power to become the future builder. It has the power to allow us to choose the way we think about ourselves, others, the world, or the Universe itself. We need a clear present to be able to live in it joyfully and to build the vision of what we want the future to be. In such work there is no room for a nagging, heavy and useless past. There is a need for clearance and openness. Our lives change every day and it is for us to enjoy the shifts, to find their meaning and to make the most of them.

Learning and purpose
To make the most of the learning, we need to find our purpose or purposes. The mind, the emotions, -what we call the personality- have their own learning: On a physical level the learning often is linked to being more willing to do things, to break with inertia. Emotionally lesson usually deal with overcoming selfishness. Mentally we grow as we gain awareness and understanding.
The soul is mostly engaged with meaning. But the lessons are not to be found or they are mostly useless unless there is purpose to guide them. If we grow emotionally, mentally and on the soul level, our purpose would be linked to love, to others, to service and to meaning.
Service not necessarily as doing something for others, that is a slim definition of service. Service as a soul disposition to share, to give and to receive love and wisdom. Service and love as an attitude of openness and inclusiveness. More than what we do is the disposition from which we do it. And, if the disposition is the right one, then we may never know really how deep our service may go. It may very well stretch and reach beyond our understanding.

We also must acknowledge that when we are learning or being of service we are not alone. We belong and live within nature and connected to all end everything. Nothing is really alien to us. There is an over abundance of good energies that we may use as surfers to reach the shore we are aiming for. Appreciate the fact that if we are open to these bigger energies new discoveries, resources and meanings will come to us. The shaping of the present and the building of the future will indeed be better. No one can do it on its own, but remember you are not alone, there is always help to be found, so make the most of it, even if it comes wrapped up in a strange or unfamiliar wrapper.

So after whatever ritual that helps you clear the past, become open to the present and begin to build the future, search for the best purpose you can come across within yourself. Seek for ways of expressing that found light and make it practical. Share and serve as a soul attitude, and think that you are not alone but in great company and with all the energy needed to accomplish the goals that lead to our purpose.
Set your view beyond yourself for soul purpose is always a collective purpose and the collective begins and is present in concrete real people around you and goes beyond to realities we don't even have the capacity to imagine or understand.

Welcome to the preliminaries of 2012, welcome to the beginning of the new spring of life after the Winter Solstice, welcome to a very interesting time full of opportunities. The joy of the world begins with you. Make it ripple, make it count. 

Blessings be 

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