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What this is about:

This is a particular post. It is pretty much an unedited compilation of e-mails shared among friends and readers of this blog. They are about political, economical and social issues. They are personal opinions on specific topics, but they can be taken into larger issues the world over. That on its own is a very interesting exercise that readers might endeavour to do and it would be fantastic if they carried on the thread adding to the discussion their own points of view. Agreeing or disagreements are most welcome for they en-richen us all for we are conscious that our opinions come from our particular points of view and as such they are partial and thus learning from others will only benefit us all.


The Scottish Referendum and other issues that stemmed from this discussion

The Scottish referendum reminds me a lot of a similar Basque initiative that took place about four years ago. The Basque president was taken to court with some of his cabinet members and that ended the referendum initiative at the time. Now, Salomon has learned the lesson for sure. They both (Salomon and the Basque president at the time) have met and for sure interchanged ideas. Salomon has a winner because he is trying to keep Westminster out of the picture. Anything the Westminster parliament does regarding the referendum can and is view as an intrusion on Scottish political life, easy lo link Cameron with Margaret Thatcher who was terrible for Scotland, imposing poll taxes, closing industries and setting nuclear waste deposits around the country. Salomon will have a multiple question referendum: No, Yes, and more autonomy. The No answer will be less that the other two on their own or combined, so however it goes, Scotland has a lever to negotiate before the referendum as Westminster will need to “sweeten” the Scottish public opinion, and after wards, the Yes or More autonomy answers will give the Scottish government more freedom and independence. So he is on a roll.
The problems come on other issues. Even thought the Scots and English have been at this for centuries, they haven’t recently taking these matters seriously. Salomon in his campaign to gain office said he would carry out the referendum, which he is doing. He won a tremendous majority in a system design not to grant majorities to anyone. So things should of been taken more seriously. Now, there are no answers to simple questions: What will happen with the UK’s nuclear waste housed in Scotland? Where will the forces take their bases and equipment to? (Is there any region in England prepared to house them?) What will happen with the oil drilling facilities and refineries and etc. etc.? It is issues like these that need to be considered and so far they haven’t and the electorate needs to know about all these before casting an educated realistic vote. So both governments have and need to do a lot of information and planning and communicating and consultation. That I like very much because is putting reality across to the people and giving out information and compromise. Exactly what the politicians should do, and then, wait for the peoples decision through the vote, that will have immediate and deep repercussions. Love to see politicians having to deal with the real world for a change. Nothing like the usual electoral campaigns then. Good!
Things can be done, the Irish did it at the beginning of the 20th Century, so did the Checks
and the Slovaks after Gorvachov. Other countries have done and are “expected” to do the opposite; unite: Germany and how about the possibility of the Korea’s- Even though the goal is opposite, the process is very similar. So we are going to live interesting times.

On the importance of Money, Currencies and People's Choices

(E mail from a friends friend)
It is important for the world to define the characteristics of a 'World Leader" so that we can recognize a true world leader and not confuse special interest leaders.. World leaders must have the capacity to keep the greater good in mind and make the needs and concerns of every individual a priority over personal greed.

Watching the video of Richard Nixon discussing the HMO plan and asking "how do we make money' highlights the problem.. the 'we' of the President is supposed to be 'We the People". Policy is meant to serve that WE. This is the fundamental problem that must be addressed for anything to work.

One of the uses of a local money system is education. The public needs to become well versed in how money systems operate in order to make sure the public interest in represented.. At this point representation for public interest is sorely lacking. Law makers have manipulated the law for the benefit of the few. We the People are referred to as 'consumers'. And, consumer protection has been eroded.

Couldn’t agree more with your friends ideas. Yes money and the currency WE CHOOSE to use is up to the PEOPLE or it should be, (not for the government or the Central Bank, or the financial system to determine). But for that education and information is needed in all layer of society. Sounds like a variation on the referendum issue discussed above!
It is indeed a shame that there are no real World Leaders as far as politics and economics are concern. In my opinion it is only Germany and France that are trying to hold together a system that needs reforms but that is necessary. The European unity. Countries as people should unite and work more collectively, but I see no other countries trying to do this as their priority. Hope 2012 will bring that change about! Of all countries, the German and French working together for the benefit of a collective. Indeed history has a sense of humour that can be very ironical. Where is the British expertise and diplomacy???? Where is the power and leadership of America????
The world is changing and countries (politicians, society), WE need to wake up and take some control back. Easier said than done, but it has happen in France and other European countries in 1968. How about America with the Civil rights movement, Vietnam protests and so forth.
The Dragon keeper is hopeful in his own optimistic way that change will happen, it is happening, but we need a bigger picture.

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