Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cosmic Visitations

These days Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers) wrote a fantastic piece (as usual), under the Title: “New Moon in Pisces, pt-2.” To read the post follow the link:

In the post Robert wrote: “This is a period that represents a “cosmic visitation,” where we need to find humor, objectivity, and a sense of who we are within a larger “light field.” We’re now in a period of receiving rewards for our courage, completing a larger understanding of a new set of standards to live by, and learning to attune to our invisible helpers so we can find non-linear means of communicating “at a distance.”
The whole text is full of food for thought, but I would like to comment on a particular subject, the one that I quoted above.
I came to realise that when "visitation" is mention somehow we believe we are going to be "visited" by some spiritual manifestation. To many this may sound like a spirit appearing in the night and calling our name while it swirls around our bed. I am sure this is not what was meant by Robert. As he himself points out, “cosmic visitations” may come in many shapes or forms. The most familiar to us would be a dream, an insight, a teaching, a motive, a thought, a conversation, etc. etc.
It is always exiting to think or imagine that we are going to be (or have been) visited by a cosmic being. It may make us feel as special, as a sign that we are making progress and are in the right path, or whatever other form of comfort my come to us. Actually this is just a whim or need of our personality. Such visitations, if they happen are not real. The Buddha himself taught his disciples that if the Buddha appears in your thought kill him for he is not the real Buddha.

Cosmic visitation happen very often, but we need to learn to identify them on a soul or spiritual level. Those are real visitations that can help us along the path. They are nothing special, they are not a specific signal of progress and a confirmation of a job well done. Actually a job well done is not looking or needing and confirmation or reward. It is done because it is the job to do and nothing else. It is selfless. The purpose of the visitations is different, they are clues or guidelines than can widen our consciousness, if we choose to follow the path they show. We may also not be aware of them, or simply decide not to follow the signals provided by the visitation. In spiritual matters, free will is always there. We always have choice and we are not punished or gain a price as if we were in a game. It has nothing to do with such lower mental or emotional expectations.

Yes, we can think and say a lot about Cosmic visitations. But maybe if we look at the issue from a different point of view we can understand it better. Instead of expecting a Cosmic visitation, w
hy don't we ever think of ourselves as the "visitors"? Why do we not see in ourselves the gifts and blessings that we have, the power to channel that we have and thus become the visitors that provide someone else with that expected "visitation"? We can also provide other with life changing experiences, or a t least with some love, light or service. How about starting to become aware of our activity as "visitors" to others? Let's view the issue from a different angle, not what we may receive but what we can do as service, as part of our path, and become the active agents that visit other souls to help them in their own path. To share light and love with them. To recognise that we are all individuals and yet one and the same. At a soul level we are in a collective level. Instead of separating we join and fuse. So, mutual Cosmic visitations are a natural event. We have to size the abilities, gifts, powers, blessings etc. etc. that we have to share and grow with them. We can be the ones visiting our fellow men/women. In doing so, the awareness and expanded consciousness of the Cosmic visitations we have will not only be enhanced but they will be of imaginable profit.
We are in the beginning of a new era, so let's view and do things in a different way.

Thanks for visiting. Blessings be.

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