Friday, 10 February 2012

The Need to Change, the Need for Action. Your Action, Our Action.

Imagine a country where a democratic election takes place. The process is monitored and it is faultless. The voting results show a majority and the decision is clear.
Then, a special body in power reviews the results and if they don't like the outcome of the voting, they rule it out and nothing happens.
Would you consider that country to be a democratic country? Is that in agreement with human rights and freedom of choice? Is the governing body that rules out the election supporting freedom and democracy? How would you feel if you lived under such a regime?

Now, substituted the imaginary country for the United Nations. The General Assembly in a democratic vote reaches a decision, it comes out with a resolution that can, and often does, be overruled and stop by a few in the Security Council.
The UN structure could have been a good idea in the post war times. I can understand having a Security Council with a veto power then. But the world has evolved and change has happen over the last sixty years. The UN has to evolve and change too. Because it hasn’t done so it is no surprise that it is often very inefficient in dealing with many issues. No wonder that double standards are applied.

It is clear that the Middle East situation needs to evolve. It is a very unstable area and it is, once more, in the brink of serious trouble. The Arab Spring revolution is just one of the visible changes happening, but there is much more going on. It is also a region in which many interest are at stake. Good ideas and the power to make them come to reality and bring about a better situation have been and are blocked by the UN's Security Council. There are hundreds of resolution dealing with the Israeli – Palestinian crisis that are vetoed, or never applied, with no consequence other than people being killed, human rights tramped upon and instability as the daily way of life. The same applies now to what is happening in Syria. Syria is not Libya. It has a stronger army and Russian and Chinese back up.

Syria is a difficult nut to crack. Minorities are afraid of what might come after an inhuman and despicable regime as the present one is, changes. Syrians can't live any more with the current government and the situation is has brought about its people. Yet, what will happen after this regime falls? (and it should fall) .
Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya and Egypt have gone through revolutions and changes, but their situations are still unstable. Human rights have not always been respected and in a sense the coin us still in the air. Military intervention, arming revels, or similar actions are not a warranty of a peaceful and the desire outcome. Experience has proven this. Keep an eye on what Iraq is doing and the reaction of the Israeli's (and the interest of others in all these. It is an explosive situation that needs to be considered and watched over).

If the UN stands on the side line doing nothing is also a bad situation. How can a body like the UN, stand an watch annihilation, murder, war crimes, and et al, without doing something? It has to get into action if it is to have a purpose, if it doesn't what is the point of the UN?

Answers are not easy. A lot has to be done and much improvement is needed. But needles to say, this is not help by the actual structure of the UN with its Security Council veto powers that are always applied to protect and insure specific and particular interest. This structure blocks the interest of the common good and the collectivity of countries that make up the UN. The world will, in the last analysis, be subject to these particular interest and it will have to dance to that tune as long as some can impose their views and interest on the majority.

Imagine the UN working in a totally democratic fashion. The General Assembly takes it time to study the issues, to listen to all sides, to ponder on the information, and then, votes on the possible solutions and the majority's decision becomes a resolution that is applied. What a change in the balance of power in the world! What a change in the efficiency and confidence in the UN. Solution and change will happen faster and better. Yes, nothing will be perfect, but it is by far a much better alternative than that of what we have at present. Evidence is there.

Do give it a thought. Then, regardless of what your conclusion might be, do what you can to improve the Israeli – Palestinian situation. Do what you can to improve the situation in Syria. Do what you can to improve the rate and quality of change and evolution the world needs. There is always something we can do to bring a better situation about: willing it, meditation and the creation of right thought forms, discussing your ideas with others,.... the possibilities are many and you can do something. Nothing that is done is of little importance or effect.

Come on, it is 2012, the right time to make things happen!


  1. Sir Nicolas, Dragon Man.

    Would that we could really do something. But, politics reigns. Who rules the UN, but the Security Council. The Big 5 or 7. I don't see that changing very soon. Imagine is Syria were in the Security Council. Whoever - individuals - or countries - get in power seem to be affected by that power.

    Much of what is happening has been destined from long ago. The best we maybe can do is live rightly now that the future will eventually be clearer.

    BTW. I am about the only one who responds to your writings and often vice versa.

    The best we can do - in American vernacular - is to keep on pitching. Like baseball or cricket.

    Keep on keeping on.

  2. Good point made in your comment. Yet, we have to keep on doing what we can. We never really know how far and where our work may go to. Creating the right thought forms is one example of help that is very powerful and who knows where it goes and what benefits come from it. (They do happen). That applies to topics like world economics or to bloging. As you say, let's keep doing what we can do and trust and know that it does have a powerful effect.


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