Sunday, 1 April 2012

Humility and Strength II

The subject has continued to be present in mi mind: Humility and Strength.
For lack of a better name I shall consider them as virtues. As such, they can be developed and they can have an influence in our practical life. Virtues that don't have a practical influence do not deserve the name of virtues.

I don't believe that humility or strength come from a single source, they are formed and develop by the collaboration of many of our internal capabilities. The mind with its capacity for thought that shines a light. The will that gives energy, power to that that is willed. Love, defined by many as another manifestation of the will, but to me it can often grow to be much more than a will manifestation, becoming an expression of our whole being.

Clear thinking, directed will, and growing love are needed to grow in humility and strength. It is the coordinated work of our best faculties that yield the fertile ground for the development of these two virtues, (as is often the case with many others). They, are needed to better come to terms with what life is about.

As said, humility and strength should have practical consequences. That is one of their purposes. For example, we can be passing through a difficult period in life. How can we assess the causes of the difficulties we are experiencing?
-Is it a lesson, a transit and that we can come out of the experience? We need to ponder and do some amount of soul searching to gain understanding and then be capable of giving meaning to the experience.
-Is the situation or problem I am cruising through something that I have caused? Is it due to someone else that is close to us experiencing a difficult situation that we find ourselves involved in it? 
- Or does the experience actually comes from tapping into the collective?

To be able to answer and be clear about these possibilities can only be achieved if we are humble, that is, if we know what we are and what the experience has to do with us. We are not always the centre of all of what happens, while at other times, we do bring these kind of situations upon us. Which is it? Only the clarity of a humble look at ourselves and the situation will point us in the right direction, will give us light about the causes of the situation, and will give us the wisdom to deal with it in the best possible way.
Humility is then a way of knowing our place in the cosmic dance of events. Events that can be holders of truth or shams that confuse us. Humility will allow us to view and take "our place” and if this is achieved, we will be more likely to act better.

Strength can provide the assurance that things will work out.
Maybe we can not foresee the outcome, but we can be certain that whatever it might be, it will be for the better and that we will come out of it a step higher in the spiral of our development. Regardless if the outcome is clear or not at any given moment. Strength that produces conviction, assurance, and in some way; peace in the middle of the storm.

Strength can connect us with our deeper self that can be overshadow by what may seem a very difficult time. Our deeper self that remains untouched, undisturbed by changing situations and the gloom that can be perceived all around us and/or around others.
Our true self is a source of strength that provides a rudder to steer our ship out of the dire straight produced by stormy difficult times.

Experience, trial and error, effort and disposition, practise and patience (always patience) are qualities or skills that need and must be practise if we want our humility and inner strength to grow and be there when needed. As always in life, they are the product of a conscious look at ourselves and the situations we might face. Regardless if they are our own or that of others.

Humility to know they self. Strength to have a clear vision and confidence in our deeper self. Our true, divine self. This will lead to the wisdom we may need to overcome or outgrow whatever comes our way and make the most of it for ourselves and the collective.
Easier said than done. Much to work upon. Life is a fantastic experience!


  1. MDM,
    Nice piece. Reminds me of the Serenity Prayer of Niebuhr.

  2. Thank you for linking the post to the Serenity Prayer, what a complement! Not only that, it also comes from my most faithful reader. Many thanks. The Dragon Keeper.

  3. Taken together, were all living a new archetype, and at the same time have been letting go of parts of our past or present that have no more place, freeing ourselves from old pressures & burdens we no longer need to bear, and stabilizing our understanding of inner balance with or without these distorted perceptions. In the perception of others, whether their dealing with anger, self defenses, conflicts, power plays -manupulation, etc., That's their doing, not ours. We must let go of these lower vibrations and focus on compassion from the heart. Perception there is action, which is then substained by rationality. Is that it? Yes. And, the rationality is perception of order. That order isn't mechanical because it is not based on logic. There are really no rules in nature, only ego rules. This means perception, action, order. It isn't time binding. The darkness comes from ego center self, the darkness that self creates. What's next? "I am an ordinary women, with all my animal instincts, pleasures & pain, reward & punishment and so on, so I was educated as this ordinary entity has some kind of reason, logic, & order. Than how am I to have reason in my life? How am I to bring it about? You understand how these [WORDS] which are difficult are all of them time binding. Is it possible for wo-man with their narrow mind, to have this insight, so that pattern of life is broken? We have tried all this, tried every form of self-denial, and yet that insight doesn't come about. Once in awhile there is a partial insight but that partial insight is not the whole insight, so there is still partial darkness, the creator, the sustainer of it, is still there. As long as the "ME", "I", "Centers", is creating darkness, and thought is operating in that darkness, there must be disorder, and society will be as it is now: To move away from that, you must have insight. Insight can only come when there is a flash, a sudden light, which abolishes not only darkness but the creator of darkness. Yes!!


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