Monday, 7 May 2012

Greek, French, Brits and ...

Interesting what is happening in Europe now. It could probably also give some clues to what may happen in the US in the coming elections (or in any other county for that matter). More so if there was as much “freedom” of choice or alternatives as in some European countries.

France has a new left wing president: Monsieur Hollande. Many may believe that he is another leftist that will run the country economy to the ground. To others another president that will be “forced” to yield to international financial interests. To others he may be a new opportunity for change. Change? Yes, from the way the Global crisis has been dealt with. “We'll pay, but growth ( that is employment and social services) come first.”
Who knows how this man, that has never held an elected office before, will turn out to be. That is for the future to clarify. What is important is that he has upset the traditional French elections in the sense that a candidate that is in office has not lost elections since the 1980's. This has happen because the French saw the need for change in the way things are run. No more business as usual. The people, the French people are willing to take the gamble for a different option. Seems that to them the opinion of the Grading Agencies, International Bank assessments and the Investors fear creating speeches are not that important. All of them can wait their turn, the people come first. They have a big enough economy, among other things, to take such a stance. Good for them.

Then come the Greeks. Their economy and general situation is the opposite as that of the French, yet, the also upset the elections and decide not the give their vote to the two main parties that have been doing and following the “business as usual” prescriptions handled out by International Financial Institutions, Banks and Grading Agencies among others. Why would they when doing so implies the lost of a generation, general poverty, lack of basic social services...? Why should they when the last huge “financial help” they got did not go into their government accounts but directly to pay Goldman Sachs! Yet, they have to pay for that financial bailout that went into Goldman Sach's and not for Greek education, or other basic social services.
Are they at risk of being kick out of the European Community? Well, maybe, but things could not be worst that the option they had before the elections. But, will they be kicked out of the EU? It is not that easy; how will they pay their debt then? Who can and will “control” their economy then? (no matter how big or small, successful or unsuccessful it becomes). Will they then become a poor country in the Mediterranean (they already are), and thus an interesting investing opportunity that can not be missed? This will give them income in exchange! So, if you are declared dead, taking any changes does not seem suicidal, at worst you will be deceased (as you where) but maybe, up for a new different life. Interesting alternative for other countries within the EU ( Italy? Spain? Portugal?....) Would there be an EU then? Will this benefit the world economy? Certainly not. The Greeks, like the French know that they have some kind of saying in the International Economy and Finance Worlds. They have step out of the fear prophecies and face the doom and gloom straight on.

Then the English elections in which the Coalition Government, run mainly by the Conservative Tory's received a major slap in the face in favour of Labour when there was no other option, or for independent candidates where they had a real chance. Seems the British in their elections did what the French and the Greeks did: telling their government that the cut, cut and cut politics to ensure and a peace International Banking, Rating Agencies and Financial Institutions is not the main issue in the agenda. It is employment, growth, and public services what matters. As a Tory MP recently said: “We have to listen to the people, we have to change, it is employment, health and education what matters.” Aren't you glad that an elected member of Parliament that is in power suddenly realised that their duty is to listen to the people? Wow! What a discovery. Could he be a candidate for a Nobel Price (any for that matter, such enlightenment and sudden display of wisdom in public should grant him one).

It appears as the fear mongers, the speakers for world disaster, the following of what is good for the International Financial and Banking Institutions as the only means of salvation has been questioned by French, Greeks, Brits (no wonder the Scots want Independence), and maybe by many others as soon as they have a chance to cast their vote.
Seems “business as usual” is beginning to get more complicated for those that benefit from it so easily. For those that needed bailing out by the people and then turn around and now tell the people what to do with their money and how to run their wealth: give it to us, pay back, now! The Greek huge debt is smaller that what some banks got as a bail out. Funny, it was ( it is) more important to save a bank that a country! That “principle” is exactly what the French, the Greeks, the Brits, have questioned and decided against. Yes, duties and obligations will be fulfilled but not at the cost of a lost generation, of general poverty, of soaring unemployment, of police forces (see Russia and America, among other examples) sent against the people they ought to protect and serve. Let's get first things first and then deal with the rest. Banks and International Financial Institutions will get their benefits but not as ransom or by black mailing fear monger but from the wealth and growth created by the people when they have a chance to do so.

The world appears to be more sensible than thought about a few days ago. There is hope. The people, “the masses” do have wisdom and will and at the end of the day, they do run the show. The system has to adapt and evolve or it will seal its end, sooner than later.

That said, lets see what the ones that benefit from the “business as usual” way have tucked under their sleeves. A new war? A new terrorist attack? A new world shortage of basic goods (oil, water, food,...)? A new terrible epidemic?
Well, we can see them coming. We will know as soon as they start their new publicity stunt.
For now, the world is a better place and it will continue to evolve. Regardless.

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