Friday, 29 June 2012

Brilliant Pain Killer

What a BRILLIANT idea. The Spaniards have come with this fantastic idea: Pain killer pills for someone else's pain!

They saw the statistics: 6 out of 10 counter sold medicines are pain killers. They are effective mind you, but they only have an effect on the person that takes them. Why not create a pain killer that would work for some else? Yes, you take it and some else's pain is mitigated, probably healed.

They got busy, developed the idea, got permission from the European Commission, the Spanish Health and Safety, the Pharmaceutical Guild, and the local governments. Then they signed up celebrities to promote their idea. It worked! The sales of pain killer pills that mitigate some else's pain have been a huge success and are now among the 10 most sold medicines in Spanish pharmacy s.

You buy a box that has a certain amount of pills (mint pills) for one Euro. The money goes entirely to Doctors Without Frontiers and is used to relieve pain in third world countries or poor neighbourhoods. As simple as that. You buy the pills, you take them and someone else's pain is mitigated.
People that take them say they have become addicted. Some say they have diminish the taking of pain killers for themselves. Many buy this pills as gifts for friends and family. What a nice way of the collective taking care of the collective. Of funding care and healing for others, of thinking about others and their situation and doing something about it. A simple idea thought out by average people and with huge results.

A good example of what can be achieve when we think, we act, we engage the collective, we focus on others needs and do something about it.
Governments, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and many more should take notice. I did. I feel frustrated I did not come up with such a clever simple idea. I'm also very glad some else did and that it is working for the collective. Acting according to the need. Brilliant! Today, I feel much better and healthier.

If you want to visit their web page, here is the link:
There is also a brilliant Youtube video:
Sadly enough I haven't been able to find a translation for it. Maybe you will and if so, get in touch and let's spread the word.

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  1. Yes, a good idea and an excellent use of pills.

    A group finding a novel way to make difference. No governMINT involved.

    Pretty soon Popping Pills might translate to Munching on Mints.


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