Saturday, 28 July 2012

Heart and Mind

At times we need to be more mind oriented, more mental. Nothing wrong with that. Our mind, our intellectual powers are one of the traits that makes us human and that can carry us to success in our evolutionary path.

Nevertheless there is a danger of viewing ourselves as mental beings or of becoming to mental. That is, to believe that only the mind is trustworthy and any other source of knowledge and information should fall into the suspicious category.

Emotions are often view as a risk. They are not to be trusted and they should be managed by the mind. When we do this we may go to far as to separate mind from heart. The intellect from the emotions. It seems that only the brain can think and that only the heart can feel. This brings about a dichotomy. Instead of unity we have a duality and the two aspects will often clash.

Modern science has proven that our heart, (as our stomach and other body organs) have neurons and neuron clusters embedded within its other cell forming tissues. This gives the heart its own “brain”. It can and does control its functions with certain independence from the brain but does so using neurons, its own neurons. We then not only think with our brain, organs and we can say, even cells have their own intelligent ability. It has been an esoteric truth that there is intelligence in every atom. So, we actually think with all our being.

The same can be said about emotions or feelings. The brain impressions can be stronger or weaker according to the pumping rhythm of the heart. Emotions are not only heart felt, they stem from all over the body (and thoughts). We can often feel a part of our body reacting to emotions (or thoughts) by becoming warmer, by contracting etc. We feel with all of our body, with all of our being. Even our brain. Emotions are also a spiritual manifestation, a spiritual experience and/or action.

It is pointless to separate mind or thought from heart or emotions. This separation can be useful to gain understanding of what is happening with us. On the sources of knowledge or information. But, that those not make the distinction real. It also does not set a hierarchical subordination of one aspect to the other.

We need to reach a synthesis. We are a unity. Mind, emotions, body, spirit, are all manifestations of our true self. The same energy or vibration but at a different vibration. All valuable to understanding, to living, to achieve purpose, and to gain awareness of our unity and manifestation of our divinity.

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