Tuesday, 2 October 2012

In Touch With Our True Self

In order to live life to its fullest we need to be in touch with our true being.
This means we must learn to live from our higher self, who we really are, and learn not to identify with the non-self.
This is not an easy process, it is a life long path. For most of us, a path that can take more than a life time.

The first steps on this journey is to recognise our soul and its life. What is important, meaningful to our soul? The soul is the reality that allows us to contact with our true self and what is of true importance. As we progress in this knowledge we come to understand that the personality is not our true self. The cares and worries of the personality are not of true importance. Slowly, the personality is recognised as a vehicle for soul expression. Instead of being control by our physical bodies, pour emotions and our thoughts, they become expressions of the soul. A process that allows us to dis-identify from the illusion and glamour of what is not our true self but that we have come to believe it was.

Our personality becomes aligned and identify with our soul purpose. Individuality diminishes in favour of a sense of collective and of belonging to a larger reality. We begin to sense group responsibility. We then can begin the redemption process of the other kingdoms of nature (mineral, vegetable and animal), plus the recognition of the One Humanity that brings about right human relations.

As the Ancient Wisdom saying goes; we pass from darkness into light, from the unreal to the real, from death to life. A life long process that lead to the emergence of a new way of living and loving, so let your personality express your Higher Self, since that’s what it’s time to do!
As individuals, as groups or collectives and as nations.

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